The Best Home Depot Paint Colors to Get Your Place Ready for Fall

Sarah Sherman Samuel

As much as we all love summer, there's a certain relief to it ending too. We're no longer restless to enjoy its blue skies and shorelines, no longer rushed to plan alfresco barbecues and master the grill, and no longer pressured into weekend getaways. It's fun, of course, but if we're being honest, there's also a part of us that is ready to just stay home. When fall arrives, we have our excuse: It's the time of year to relish in getting cozy.

In the spirit of this homebody sentiment, we asked Sarah Fishburne, the director of trend and design at The Home Depot, to guide us through the color schemes that will make our homes look stylish as we settle back in. "Color is always evolving, and right now, we are liking colors that are soothing: grays, taupes, blues, shell pinks, and greens," she says.

These cool but enveloping shades add depth to a room while still allowing for furniture and styling to bring their own personalities to a space. "I tend to like colors that work together in palettes and colors that have gray in them," she says. "Colors you would describe as muddier, not pure-I like to pop pure colors in for accents." Below Fishburne provides more details as to why those aforementioned hues should be considered for any fall paint jobs you may have in store. As far as we can tell, these shades will set you up for a blissful season spent indoors.

Pure White

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"This is a very clean white that is perfect for interior and exterior ceilings and trim," Fishburne says. "It does not have any undertones like blue, pink, blue, or yellow, so it is very clear and crisp."

Behr Marquee White Moderne Satin Enamel Interior Paint $45Shop

"I also like tinted whites that can be used either as trim or for entire walls and can be paired perfectly with Ultra Pure White," she continues. "I like a white with a gray undertone that feels modern and updated like White Moderne."

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Warm Neutrals

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"This is a great all-over house color that's also a great exterior shade," Fishburne says. "It's warm enough that it will complement many wood tones, and it'll feel like a new neutral for homes that need a fresh canvas. It works well with any of the above whites too."

Glidden Essentials Castle Rock Semi-Gloss Interior Paint $18Shop

"We are seeing a return of warmer, yellow-based neutrals, and Castle Rock is a fresh take on a classic," she continues. "It partners well with grays that have been introduced over the last few years."

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Behr Premium Plus Loft Space Hi-Gloss Enamel Interior/Exterior Paint $32Shop

"Grays will not be going away. We will see them being layered more with warmer neutrals and browns for a fresh take," she adds. "This is a soft, approachable gray. I like it because it does not have any underlying colors like blue or brown in it."

Glidden Premium Medici Grey Flat Interior Paint With Primer $20Shop

"This is another great go-to gray that is darker than Loft Space but still very livable," Fishburne notes. "It can be used throughout the house and as a great exterior color."

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Behr Premium Plus Urban Raincoat Hi-Gloss Enamel Interior/Exterior Paint $30Shop

"For me, blues are 'whole house' colors. I believe in having a signature color and weaving it throughout the whole house as your anchor," she explains. "This is a soft gray-blue, and when paired with richer blues, it will go bluer. Around grays, it'll be grayer. This can be used through the entire home, as an accent, and even as an unexpected ceiling or interior door color."

Behr Premium Plus NYPD Flat Interior Paint and Primer in One $26Shop

"This is a rich, deep blue," Fishburne notes. "When picking blues, you'll notice that there are a lot of blues that can go toward a purple. NYPD has an inky background because of its gray undertone, and it can be very sophisticated or casual."

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Behr Premium Plus Ultra Moon Glass Semi-Gloss Enamel Interior Paint $35Shop

"This is fresh without being over the top," she explains. "It plays well with all neutrals from cool to warm. And since it has a little blue in it, it complements blues. I love using aquas like this everywhere from walls and ceilings to trims and doors and even on cabinets. It's a timeless aqua that never goes out of style."

Glidden Essentials Night Watch Flat Exterior Paint $15Shop

"This is PPG'sВ Color of the Year for 2019, and it's easy to see why," Fishburne says. "This color is classic and timeless, and yet it feels very modern and fresh. When paired with soft, airy colors, it becomes an anchor. When layered with deep, rich colors, it fades into the background and almost takes on a neutral. This color is not only great inside, but it's also a perfect color for an exterior."

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Dark Colors

Behr Marquee Cracked Pepper One-Coat Interior Paint $44Shop

"I love dark, unexpected colors being woven into muted palettes to keep them from getting too sweet and childlike," she continues. "The best way to describe this is as a soft black. Dark colors can really show off beautiful trim work. And black will always have a place on exteriors."

Behr Premium Plus Unpredictable Hue Semi-Gloss Interior Paint and Primer in One $30Shop

"I like this for homeowners who might want a dark color but shy away from black," she explains. "It is a bit softer but will offer the same dramatic feel as a black and can complement so many colors from aqua to coral."

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Pops of Color

Glidden Essentials Safari Bisque Beige Semi-Gloss Interior Paint $18Shop

"I love softshell pinks for all over," Fishburne notes. "There is something so soothing to be in a petal pink room. It's a color people can shy away from because they are afraid it might look too juvenile, but in reality, it is a historical color that really complements so many complexions."

Behr Premium Plus Ultra Dash of Curry Eggshell Enamel Interior Paint $33Shop

"There are two colors you will always find in my home: aquas and corals. Dash of Curry is the perfect coral in my eye," she says. "It has an orange undertone that keeps it from reading too pink like some corals. I consider it to be a pick-me-up in any room."

Glidden Essentials Afternoon Martini Olive Eggshell Interior Paint $16Shop

"I like to use green to complement blues and grays. I lean toward yellow-based or acid-based greens that read more fresh and modern over greens that read gray," Fishburne notes. "Yellow-based greens can be a nice bridge between classic and modern and traditionally feminine and masculine touches."

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