A Sydney Power Couple Share the Secret to Their Lasting Relationship

An Organised Life

Do you and your S.O.В ever become passing ships in the night? It's a normal relationship factor when two people are so busy running businesses, trying to take care of an adorable dog, and try to make time for one another, all without burning out.В This Sydney couple make all of the above sound easy and attainable. What's the secret to their lasting relationship? They can work out anything between them.

Kieran Birchall, owner of My Flower Man, and girlfriend, Georgia Martin, director for The Undone,В are the definition of power couple, and their story is a romantic one for the ages. Lifting and building each other up creates strength and motivation in a relationship, and these two have each other's backs no matter how tough things get.

Read on to find out how they met-so cute-how they work so closely together, and everything in-between.

MYDOMAINE AUSTRALIA: What do your morning routines look like?

KIERAN BIRCHALL: I'm up first to go to the flower markets early, and when I get home Georgia is up and getting ready for the day. We will take our dog Dillon for a walk down to the park and grab a coffee. Then off to work, it's a nice start.

GEORGIA MARTIN:В It's one of my favourite parts of the day, it's a small moment that is relaxed in what seems to be endlessly busy weeks.

MD: How did you both meet?

KB: On Facebook, but we have really known each other since we were kids. We grew up in the same small town and our families have known each other for generations, we also went to school together so it's hard to define when we actually met.

GM: We can't pinpoint exactly when we first met. My dad and Kieran's mum went to school together. We have so many ties, we also went to high school together and knew each other but not very well. It wasn't until I came back from Sydney on one of my university holidays that we really met. After a year of dating long distantly Kiz moved to Sydney and we have been living together ever since.

MD: How do you unwind after your busy days at work?

KB: Normally just taking the dog for a walk in the afternoon chills me out. It's nice to take that time and just have fun with Dillon.

GM: I think when you have your own businesses it doesn't really ever stop. There is always something you could be doing or think you should be doing. But we try to take time to unwind, otherwise you burn out and it's not productive for anyone. We love taking Dillon for a walk, it's simple but very effective, we do this both mornings and nights. We have also taken up camping recently. Most places don't have reception so it's a nice way to switch off and relax. Kiz really loves it and I actually enjoy it more than I thought I would. It's hard taking time off when you work for yourself so these weekends away are really nice.

"We know each other so well, we know what we want to do with our businesses and that's entwined with what we want to do as a couple."

MD: How do you keep your work and relationship separate? Or if you don't, how do you make that work?

KB: We don't really keep it separate, we both own businesses and Georg works closely with me on My Flower Man. It's different when you work for yourself, there isn't a clear distinction between work and life-but we really enjoy it and it works for us. It's another common ground and something we get to share and build together.

GM: I don't think you can separate them but it's notВ a bad thing, well not for us. When Kieran first started My Flower Man, I had also just started working for myself as a PR consultant. We were both up in the air, taking risks, and really helped each other out as much as we both could. I really believe the businesses have helped us grow together and make us work as a team. We pull each other up and we can work anything out between us. We have such different personalities and strengths, which helps balance us as a couple, and also helps with the various aspects of running a business. We know each other so well, we know what we want to do with our businesses and that's entwined with what we want to do as a couple. It's exciting and scary and we go through it all together.

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