The One Bathroom Style That Always Looks Fresh

A well-decorated and clean bathroom of any style is good in our book, but there's one design trend that always seems to get it right: minimalism. Why is this the best approach when styling a bathroom? Minimalists tend to create intentional, well-curated spaces where clutter is kept to a minimum, and that's crucial in a small space where the sole purposes are to clean yourself up, do your business, and relax. And while minimalist bathrooms always opt for quality over quantity, they are far from cold and boring. To make our case for minimalist bathroom design, we rounded up 10 striking examples. Take a peek to get inspired and learn how to create a similarly stylish and functional self-care oasis.

Play With Shapes

Katie Martinez Design

Crisp, clean, and clutter-free yet full of personality, this bathroom strikes the balance between minimalism and glamour. We love how the freestanding oval bathtub complements the bulbous shape of the side table. Similarly, the triangular floor tiles pick up on the sharp angles of the pendant light. And while these corresponding pieces, along with the symmetry of the lighting and faucet flanked by the two windows, create a beautiful sense of cohesion, the stool offsets it just a touch for extra intrigue.

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Use Rich Textures

Handelsmann Khaw

If you're trying to master the effortlessly elegant look in your bathroom, allow this one to be your guide. With a symphony of textures, there's plenty of dimension and depth while still maintaining a clean, sleek aesthetic. The marble dresses up the more casual elements-like the exposed wood beams and rug-and the matte black elements throughout the space introduce a more sophisticated edge. The real stunner, of course, is that bathtub.

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Give It a Traditional Spin

Studio Ashby

Here's proof that minimalist interiors don't have to look like they're from the future. If you like the pared-down approach but prefer traditional design to modernism, take notes from the bathroom above. The freestanding tub, the floor-to-ceiling marble, and the simple black stool blend together perfectly, and the tall cream curtains add just enough drama and contrast.

Since the key ingredient to minimalism is keeping things organized and clutter-free, consider built-in wall shelving for easy storage in the bathroom.

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Don't Shy Away From Color

Amber Interior Design

While chaotic prints and over-the-top dГ©cor should be avoided at all costs when aiming for minimalism, you can still use color. In fact, many minimalists love color as much as their maximalist friends do. The key is to make sure each piece is intentional and anchored to a tight palette. In other words, choose quality over quantity. In this bathroom, all it takes is one pop of color. Specifically, the orange-and-brown rug adds warmth while breaking up the white walls, floors, linens,В and tub.

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Say Yes to Industrial

Katie Martinez Design

Bold and refined, we're loving the way the edgy concrete floating sink breaks up the brass-and-gold features. And as much as we love those statement-making pieces, the bright subway tiles are the unsung hero, thanks to that bright, eye-catching shine. Also, take note of the subtle design choices that free up space and keep clutter to a minimum, like the built-in towel rack and accordion wall mirror.

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Opt for Organics

JH Interior Design

How luxurious does that shower look? This bathroom gets a lot right, but we're particularly into the use of contrasting materials that unexpectedly complement each other. The wood-paneled ceiling draws upon the cabinets, wall, and the planter, while the marble floors and shower wall tiles work to make the space feel more formal. A bathroom plant is a great way to play on the use of all these nature-inspired materials while also freshening things up.

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Never Underestimate Marble


Swanky: That about sums up this room. We love how the bathtub is tucked away into a private corner, making it the perfect spot to soak and unwind after a long day. And to state the obvious, the rich, swirling marble tiles completely make the room. When all the surfaces and walls function as style opportunities too, you won't have to worry about bringing in personality with meaningless dГ©cor.

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Honor Architectural Bones


The architecture of the space speaks volumes. The old-school wooden beams and intricate window panels are reminiscent of Snow White's charming forest abode, while the rest of the elements have a decidedly modern feel. And while the modern, clean pieces definitely provide contrast, they're understated enough not to clash and overshadow the architectural bones of the room.

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Go for Graphite


Clean lines and a strict black-and-white color palette make for a simple, stylish, and sleek bathroom situation. The black wood cabinetry is the smart, chic way to keep all the unsightly essentials tucked away when you're done using them, and it also ensures clean countertops. For a touch of nature, bring in a root plant in a simple spherical vase.

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Keep Things Simple

Elizabeth Roberts

If you have great windows in the bathroom, definitely let the light pour in and steal the show. With a simple lone flush-mount light and an understated stool, the more refined staples in the room are able to shine. The dark hardwood floors and upscale tub are practical and pretty, while the graphic print and textured textile bring in some contemporary character.

Ilka Kramer MalaNazar 11 $360Shop

And now that we've mastered the minimalist bathroom look, learn how to achieve the same aesthetic in the kitchen.