How to Style Your Bed So It Feels Like a Luxe Hotel Suite

Of all the spaces we occupy, the bedroom-and more precisely, the bed-is theВ most private and sacred. It's where you rest, dream, lounge, and, and if you're anything likeВ us,В zone out with your favorite HBOgo, Hulu, andВ Netflix shows. As such, it deserves a lot ofВ love so it can live up to its full potential as an oasis from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Though mattressВ quality and the right pillow insertВ can go a long way, we never underestimate the power of stylingВ your bed to reflect your personality and inspire you to simplyВ be.В

Whether you have limited personal space to really express your personal style or you're simply ready to elevate your bedroom, allow these seven ideas for decorating your bed show you how to harness your personality and translate it into a stylish little sanctuary.В

A Laid-Back Statement

Elizabeth Roberts Architecture and Design

If you love bold patterns and don't take yourself too seriously but also prefer calm, neutralВ tones, take note. ToВ strike a balance, opt for warm earth tones that feel casual and timeless andВ create playful dimensionВ through contrasting texture and cozy textiles. We loveВ how the paleВ sage green accent wall feels interesting without disrupting the color story.В

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Understated Sophistication

Nicole Hollis

Edgy and striking yet clean and understated, this bedroom manages to pack in a ton of personality while also looking thoughtful and clean. For a similar effect, surround your bed in moody large-scale artwork, brass accents, and contemporary sconces while keeping your bedding crisp and minimal. A statement bedframe wouldn't hurt either.В

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The Sweet Picker-Upper

Studio DB

ThisВ bedroom is unexpectedly fun and bright thanks toВ icy blue accent walls and upholstered bed frame yet the traditional elements of the space keep things feeling grown-up and refined. The rich velvet carpet also warms up the cool blue tones to makeВ theВ space feel homier. Opt for a fluffy duvet, softВ end blanket, and collection of throws for a similarly cozy feel.В Another idea is to pick your favorite color and make that the theme of the room.В

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The Bold Creative

JH Interior Design

If you're drawn to vibrant hues and geometric shapes,В your statement pieces and big-ticket items will reflect that. As is the case above, simple bedding will allow those bigger investments to really shine. The rose gold bed frameВ makes the otherwise traditional bedding blend into the environment seamlessly.

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The Low-Maintenance Romantic

Fantastic Frank

Hello, and welcome to the Finer Things Club. If you like to keep clutter to a minimum but wouldn't exactly call yourself a minimalist, try making a statement with one large piece, like a romantic, sweeping canopy. Then keep your bed low to the ground and make your bed with loose, neutralВ linens.В

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The Polished Bohemian

Katie Martinez Design

Unlike some of the otherВ examples here, this bedroom uses the bed as its canvas for creative expression and personality while keeping the surrounding elements more neutral and polished. If you have a tiny space, or you're still experimenting with different styles and colors,В textiles and throws are a lot easier to swap out than furniture. Be bold with those pieces while opting for more classic, timeless permanent fixtures.В

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Eclectic Yet Timeless Warmth

Arent & Pyke

The biggest style lesson here is to create cozy comfort and intrigueВ through layering. The small white whimsical throw pillow contrasts with the regal velvet one, and the bold mustard throw blanket introduces a surge of energy to the room.В

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