18 Rooms That Make a Strong Case for Eclectic Decorating

Of all the design traditions, eclectic decorating is the most magical. Indeed, the beauty of eclectic decorating is that you can discover and express your style without feeling tied down by trends-whether you create aВ texturescape or go bold with contrasting prints, it's always about creating a space that reflects who you are. But it's easy to veer on inconsistent and chaotic if you don't have a sense of direction or vision. So to nail the eclectic look, you need the right touch of quirky but thoughtful accents as well as pieces from a range of design periods. Remember, the goal is to create unexpected intrigue for a unique yet cohesive home. To achieve eclectic decorating at its finest,В see the 18 striking rooms below.

Nikole Ramsay

Here the designer chose to give the mountain cabin look an updated twist. The log stump side table, sheepskin rug, and cozy linens fall within the traditional winter vibe, and yet fresh white paint and a clean-lined bedframe freshen things up. The red suspension light adds an industrial feel and blends nicely with the large abstract painting color-wise.

Elizabeth Roberts

Yes, even a bathroom can be eclectic. Aside from the cleverness of the actual layout of the room, we love how the Mediterranean floor tiles ground the sleek freestanding tub and traditional fireplace. And to perfect the eclectic aesthetic even more, there's a midcentury-modern chair tucked into the corner.

Michael Wells Photography

Where do we begin? This is one of those rooms that fills you with excitement everywhere you look. Although we had to see it to believe it, the lucite dining chairs are a perfect match for the elaborate orange rug. The transparency of the chairs as well as the dining table allows us to appreciate the traditional carpet. Yet, with a little help from the concrete table base and brutalist bronze light, they also bring in a decidedly cool, one-of-a-kind edge.

Martha Angus Design

Sometimes all it takes is the right wall art. If you have a ton of traditional furniture in soft, neutral hues, you can spice things up with a modern photograph and bright, playful throw. These small touches can make a world of difference and are easy to switch in and out as you're drawn to other items and styles throughout the years.

Liljen Crantz Design

Eclectic decorating isn't always about mixing your floral textiles with cheetah prints and houndstooth fabrics. In fact, eclecticism is all about expressing your style authentically, so if muted monochrome decorating makes you happy, stay true to that. Instead, consider interesting silhouettes, play with proportions, and layer different textures. As evidenced here, it looks just as great.

JH Interior Design

The intensity of the deep red wall and the bulbous, shiny black light fixture is softened by the light wood grains, the exposed beams, and the organic dГ©cor items. All those elements on their own can feel a bit too serious, so the bright turquoise chairs bring a sense of enthusiasm and cheer to balance it out.

Heidi's Bridge

Whether you're decorating a home from scratch and need to get scrappy at a flea market or you're ready to bring in some more intrigue to your dining nook, consider this room your blueprint. The bronze tabletop accessories, the black candlesticks, and the black floor mirror are the finishing touches.

A simple white lacquer dining table can be incredibly versatile. Pair one with an array of mismatched traditional wood dining chairs, which will look cohesive when they have the same finish.

Liljen Crantz Design

The midcentury coffee table is the perfect staple for this living room, as it gives the bright space a much more stable and durable feel. Indeed, the light silver carpet, bright white walls, and delicate dГ©cor pieces make this room feel weightless and fragile, so a classic shape with a rich, dark grain creates a necessary sense of depth. And of course, the most eye-catching and thought-provoking piece in the room is the wall art. While we'd expect a neutral or calming piece, we get the treat of a confrontational, evocative work that reaches through the frame and into the room.

Chris Patey for MyDomaine

When you deconstruct this bedroom and break down the design elements of each item, it's hard to imagine how they all work together so well. Thanks to the tiny seat with an angular base, the organic stool, the disc-like lamp, and the triangular table, this bedroom gives proportion play a whole new meaning. The decorative throw pillow is also doing some major work here. Its mustard print details reconcile the colors and varying design traditions.

Studio DB

Though this is a home office, there's plenty of room for fun and comfort. The mirrored desk, metallic gold table lamp, chrome chair frame, and opulent dark marble fireplace keep things exciting and formal, while the artwork brings in a surprising surge of light and pep. The fluffy throw pillows piled on the floor by the casual area rug make the room feel more accessible and comfortable.

Commune Design

Who needs a gallery wall when you can stack your artwork together on the floor and let them lean? It's so much more interesting. Since these photos are all black and white, they add a bold, sophisticated feel to the space. One of the more interesting design elements of this room is how everything is super low to the ground. The laid-back linen sofa features a deep seat with a silver-blue back pillow to encourage lounging, as do the stacked throw pillows and layered rugs. Then, for a hint of glamor and midcentury allure, there's a silver metallic table and an oversize red-and-gold table lamp.

Katherine Carter

Now here's a design trick we can look up to. The ceiling wallpaper is a bold choice, not only because it's only on the ceiling but also because of the color scheme and butterfly print. The moody velvet chairs create some symmetry with the wall, while the light wood floor, marble table, fresh wall color, and crystal chandelier lighten it up.

Arent & Pyke

The architectural elements of this room are striking. From the soft, sweeping curve of the fireplace hood to the low built-in marble sitting ledge and the decorative sculpture, each detail is artfully constructed. Aside from the fierce black fireplace, the color scheme is also simple yet eye-catching and pivots around the symphony of hues in the marble slab. The deep maroon-brown cushion, the rich purple-grey carpet, and the gold dГ©cor play off the light peach pillow and the oak floor.

Thomas Dalhoff; DESIGN: Brett Mickan Interior Design

If you're a sucker for funky, retro pieces, here's how to bring them into a contemporary space. The rattan chair frame and the bright green banana leaf wallpaper infuse the room with vintage island vibes, while the abstract wall art, fresh upholstery, and immaculate furniture placement make sure everything looks organized and cosmopolitan, proving that funky can be sophisticated too.

Jenna Peffley for MyDomaine

This vignette proves that different design traditions can blend together beautifully-even if we think they may clash. The highly stylized Spanish architecture of this home is honored by the wrought-iron hanging lantern, as well as the original stained glass panels. Yet the fresh coat of white paint and sparseness achieve a sleek and modern feel.

Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Open House L.A

The eccentric, fanciful carpet blends in smoothly with the cream sofa, while the bold plaid throw pillow and abstract wall art introduce a sense of geometric orderliness that contrasts with the whimsical, wispy butterflies and leaf details. The small lucite coffee table is the perfect finishing touch, as it feels contemporary and visually discrete against the warm chocolate hues, rich materials, and playful prints.