3 Feng Shui Tips for Better Sex in the Bedroom


Feng shui somehow always seems to offerВ a solution to both interior design and healthy living conundrums. Truthfully, it's no wonder that people throughout centuries have turned to this ancient Chinese system of spacial arrangement to bring harmony into their homes-which is why we're not surprised that this practice can also be used to crank up the heat in our bedrooms.

For those curious about this Eastern practice's power to boost the energy flow between the sheets, feng shui pro and relationship expert Alison Lessard has some sage advice to impart. She recently shared her top tips with The Coveteur on how to use feng shui to make your bedroom go from snooze-worthy to sex-ready-and the best part is we're not talking an entire space makeover, either.

Read on for three simple ways to invite steamier sex into your bedroom with feng shui, regardless of whether you're single, very consciously coupled, or anywhere in between.

Get in the Power Position

The easiest way to feng shui your way to better sex? According to Lessard, you've been doing it (and by that, we mean organizing your furniture) all wrong if your headboard is under a window or your feet are facing the door. "Both of these placements make your chi (energy) fly out of the room, which could leave you feeling drained and not well-rested," she says. To maximize energy flow, she recommends positioning your bed in a place where you can clearly see the door but aren't directly in line with it. If that's not an option, try hanging a small mirror on the wall that's opposite of your bed in order to reflect the door.

See More Red

Shades of red aren't just ruling the runways for fall: According to Lessard, these hot hues along with pink and white "are excellent love colors" in the boudoir any season, too. Try hanging wall art with red accents, upgrading your bed with crisp white sheets, or even dressing up the bed with your favorite millennial pink pillows to bring "conscious intention" (and perhaps even sexual healing) into your space. (It's worth noting that adding red roses to your bedside may not be recommended-another feng shui expert says plants can take away much-needed oxygen during your sleep cycle.)

Double Up on DГ©cor

"Just like a couple is two people, using pairs of objects reinforces unity," says Lessard. Having matching nightstands and bedside lamps is ideal for bringing balance into your bedroom, but if that's out of your budget, she suggests playing with pairs of crystals, red candles, and other affordable pieces of dГ©cor instead.

Have you ever tried feng shui in your bedroom?