20 Bedrooms That Prove Red Can Be Totally Chic

The color red is often used to express love, symbolize sexuality, and evoke energy. In Eastern cultures, such as China, red is the color for good luck. In Indian culture, it symbolizes purity and is often used in wedding gowns. But regardless of the history, there's no denying the hue is a versatile addition to any home decor project.В

Whether your decorating style is bold and modern or evokes old-world charm, there's a way to incorporate red into arguably the most important space in your home: your bedroom. Go with an orangey-red shade to bring tons of warmth to your space or try a deep cherry red with blue undertones to strike a moody balance. Ahead, 20 red bedrooms that will give you scarlet fever STAT.

Scarlet Safari

Experimenting with a red room might feel like an expedition on its own, but incorporating an element of surprise, like this ScalamandrГ© zebra print wallpaper, makes the whole process feel fun. While the pattern is bold, the white and black in it works to tone down the bright red color. The addition of a variety of bright hues, like the floral pillows and accessories, tie everything together in a playful way.

Bohemian Red-sody

We've seen the white-on-white bedrooms that incorporate natural textures and evoke a serene, bohemian feel. The addition of electric red adds tons of interest and still boasts that Hygge feel we all know and love. Plus, it brings tons of warmth to an otherwise stark room, perfect for colder months.

Prep-School Red

The classic Americana color palette of red, white, and blue can go together in a way that feels preppy, and not the least bit patriotic. From the blue and white carpet, to the red and blue wallpaper, and ruby bed frame, this elegant bedroom feels classy, without sacrificing style or playfulness.

The Rose Room

A bedroom fit for Marie Antoinette, this luxurious escape boasts old-world charm without feeling the least bit outdated. The coral-toned red in the walls, paired with shades of dusty rose, and gilded accents evoke femininity but don't look too young or girly.

Red Illusions

Large works of art are the best way to bring color into a room that lacks variety. We love how much color and visual interest these oversized abstract pieces bring to this bedroom. Final touches, like throw pillows and a bed runner in a bright shade, tie the whole look together.

You don't even need to worry about hanging large works of art-you can just prop an oversized frame up against an open wall for an eclectic and unfussy look.

The Ruby Room

That gem of an art piece hanging above the Chippendale bed in this space merits the title of "The Ruby Room." However, the decor strikes an impeccable balance of three bold colors used in a big way. The avocado green walls, teal rug, and red accents play off each other without competing. To create the same cohesive color scheme in your own home, look for hues in similar shades and tones that contrast each other just right.

Crimson Charm

Who said red walls can't be charming? This darling bedroom showcases a floor-to-ceiling print in a crimson shade of red, yet somehow feels simple and elegant. A bright white ceiling lets the light in, while a clean white bed and vanity make the coral pattern on the wallpaper pop.

Raspberry-Red Glamour

The red color on these walls has a strong blue undertone that gives this entire room a juicy raspberry-tinted hue. The hotel-style white bedding, zebra print carpet, and fashion-inspired sketches give this entire bedroom a timeless, glamorous feel.

Ruby Renaissance

This neo-Gothic bedroom brings the 19th century into the modern day, without skipping a beat. The playful wallpaper (complete with a patina finish, faux pillars, and drapery) proves your walls don't need built-in texture to boast dimension. The addition of a variety of red hues tops off the look in the most opulent way.

Maraschino Monochrome

Pairing shades of red with shades of pink is always a good idea. This color story runs the gamut from pale pinks to bold burgundies and the end result is surprisingly serene. The ombre walls and painted ceiling offset mismatched rugs and the bed runner nicely.

Maroon Montage

The best places to shop for home decor are none other than thrift stores, second-hand shops, and flea markets. Recycle an oversized vintage Turkish rug in a bright red shade and dress your bed with a woven statement pillow that complements your new, old rug. Simple white bedding works as the perfect canvas for your worldly finds.

Crimson Cabana

From the floral-printed wallpaper to the wicker details, and hotel bedding, everything about this room screams vintage Miami beach. The red trim on the window valance feels like a pool-side cabana and the intricate headboard transforms you to a beach-side locale all year round.

Neutral Red

Although technically a primary color, the red in this room works as a neutral. Paired with tons of natural materials, like wood and wicker, the brick red neutralizes the shades of black and white throughout.

Carmine Cave

There's nothing like a deep shade of red to make you want to cozy up and stay in bed all day. This minimalist-meets-maximalist approach to monochromatic decorating is bedroom dГ©cor done right. The rich burgundy walls look even more opulent when paired with an equally moody rug and bedding. The addition of greige linens and accessories break up the heavy dose of red tones.

A Night In Bordeaux

There's something about a burnt red, paired with a dusty blue that feels like a bed and breakfast in the south of France. The pattern play between the headboard and throw pillow makes everything feel like a family heirloom, and the red tones in them make it all feel cohesive.

Wine Tasting

When you're working with traditional pieces in a home decor project, you can take the more-is-more route without the fear of actually taking it overboard. Go ahead, add the bed canopy, the upholstered headboard, and the printed loveseat. Just be sure to pair them all in hues from the same color family, like garnet, Bordeaux, and ruby reds.

Crimson Composition

Feast your eyes on yet another pattern play done right. From the custom wallpaper, drapery, and upholstered headboard set to the hand-knotted rug, the bold patterns work so well together because they all share the same rich crimson hue.

Candy Apple Accessories

No matter what color your walls are or what your bedspread looks like, you can always play up any color using the right accessories. Shop for art pieces, sculptures, books, knickknacks, and pillow shams in shades of red to transform your entire room on a budget.

Complementary Carmine

The best way to pull off any color is to familiarize yourself with its complementary hue. Since green is the complementary color to red, use it in small doses to amp up the power of your ruby reds and moody maroons. Notice how the headboard and nightstand lamp pop in this boldly decorated room.

Wine And Done

Sometimes all you need is a single standout element to step up your entire home dГ©cor project. This maroon-colored headboard is a showpiece on its own-allow it to take center stage. Just be sure to highlight it with one contrasting shade and complementary neutrals.

Red Alert

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