Dining Room Light Fixtures That'll Elevate All Your Dinner Parties

Achieving a magazine-worthy yet livable ambiance in the dining room is all about casting the right light. Plus, sourcing dining room light fixtures is arguably the most exciting design task of all since they're one of the only pieces that serve an essential functional purpose while also offering a design opportunity only rivaled by art. Unlike seating, they don't need to be comfortable, and unlike dГ©cor, the value goes far beyond aesthetics. This makes the selection process a lot more interesting and flexible, as long as you know what to look for. To help you illuminate your dinner spread in style, we rounded up nine chic dining room light fixtures as well as examples of what environments they work best in. Click through them all below.

BHDM Design

This charming breakfast nook is form meets function at its best. With an eclectic array of dining chairs and light-wash wood, it feels fresh, cozy, and curated all at once. The chandelier brings in a nice French farmhouse vibe while also introducing some drama with that large scale.

Oly Studio Isa Chandelier ($3575)

This hardwood dining room light fixture blends formal with casual and old-school traditions with modern technology.

BHDM Design

We've been seeing modern chandeliers like this one everywhere, which is a good thing. The shiny metallic finish spruces things up without being too overtly glamorous, making it the perfect dining room light fixture for someone who wants a touch of elegance that can complement a variety of styles throughout the years.

Cedar and Moss Alto Compass ($699)

On trend yet timeless, this simple gold chandelier will highlight any dining room.

Amber Interior Design

For an approachable, family-friendly dining room, it's all about creating a casual yet stylish texture scape. This built-in booth with light-colored throw pillows, hardwood floors, and a farmhouse table are formalized by the high ceilings and the contrasting black dining chairs. The tall ceiling makes it ideal for suspended pendants like these, which fit the space perfectly in a ceramic material.

Cedar and Moss Terra Surface ($149)

Consider a cluster of pendants in an unglazed clay with a modern, matte finish. And if your ceilings are lower, consider the flush mount.

BHDM Design

When you're working with a small space but refuse to compromise your statement-making style, consider this dining room your North Star guide. The built-in banquet seating maximizes space as does the impactful red wall art, allowing more room for a geometric light fixture. Though it's smaller than other suspension lights, it gets the job done and then some.

Vintage Acrylic Star & Globe Pendant Light ($970)

This sculptural, one-of-a-kind pendant will be the centerpiece of any dining room. Your dinner rolls have never looked better than when under this light, thanks to the bright red hue, circus-like oversize bulbs, and the unique star shape.

Catherine Kwong Design

Classic with a twist, traditional chandeliers look gorgeous in spaces that play up the older architectural bones of a home. We love how this dining room sticks to a neutral, minimal color scheme while getting more creative with contrasting design elements like the mod, acrylic dining table, Scandinavian chairs, and hi-def photograph on the wall.

Roll & Hill Agnes 10 Candelabra ($7631)

This gorgeous suspending candelabra is a stunning ode to the past while also bringing in an unmistakably contemporary design with the branching arms.

JH Interior Design

With pale mint green walls, a dark gray island, an array of chairs, and hardwood floors, this Victorian kitchen dining room is a whimsical dream. To make it stand out, add statement lighting like this quirky, retro double pendant.

Bianco Light + Space Equinox Pendant ($5000)

This drop-dead gorgeous pendant light is giving us old library vibes but with a serious design upgrade. With close attention to symmetry, these trapezoidal glass cones provide a beautiful directional glow that exudes an elemental simplicity.

JH Interior Design

Speaking of libraries, we can't get enough of that dramatically tall library ladder in the background. Leave it up to this trio of drum pendants in a dark, moody hue to match the scale of the ladder, tying the whole dining room and kitchen together beautifully.

Tech Lighting Fett Pendant Light ($591)

This perfectly scaled pendant light features a softly domed silhouette with a deep, weathered zinc finish. Cluster it with two other pendants in slightly different shapes with the same finish to achieve the ambiance above in your dining room.

JH Interior Design

Coastal, cool, and effortlessly elegant, this dining room proves that if you pick the right pieces, a little bit goes a long, long way. Make it happen with light-wash chairs, a long dining room table, a large indoor plant, and framed art, and a sculptural yet casual pendant light.

Cost Plus World Market Gold Wire Pendant Shade ($70)

This gold wire pendant will bring in a slightly fancier feel to your dining room than jute or bamboo, but it boasts the same laid-back tapering and beehive style.


Sleek and grown-up, this dining room screams design perfection. We love how the linear light reflects the shape of the rectangular dining table and complements the living room light, making the rooms blend together.

DweLEDВ Wide Brushed Aluminum LED Island PendantВ ($399)

For bright, modern simplicity, look no further than this dining room light fixture.В