7 Surprising Health Benefits of Cumin

Minimalist Baker

From international comfort food to the most flavorful veggie dishes, cumin has been a beloved cooking ingredient for millennia. A key ingredient of curries, soups, meat dishes, and much more, the spice is a nutty, aromatic spice that should be a staple in your cooking arsenal year-round. Like many of natures foods, cumin also packs a range of health benefits. For a few more reasons to work cumin into your cooking, read on for seven surprising health benefits.

1. Boosts Energy

Containing surprisingly high levels of numerous vitamins, like B6 and niacin, and minerals, like potassium, cumin can provide a well-balanced energy boost.

2. Supports Weight Loss

Multiple studies have demonstrated the positive effects of cumin on obesity, especially among women. Results have been associated with consuming as little as three grams of cumin per day.

3. Reduces Stress

Because of its antioxidant properties, cumin may help mitigate stress and anxiety. It's interesting to note that the spice is both energy-boosting and has certain tranquilizing effects, which is why cumin-seed oil is sometimes used to treat insomnia.

4. Promotes Brain Health

Due to a significant amount of iron, cumin has been shown to support memory and cognitive function in a number of medical studies.

5. Aids Digestion

Elements like thymol and magnesium help to promote natural digestive processes, all while reducing pain or difficulty associated with digestion.

6. Detoxifies the Body

If you're on a cleanse or simply looking to go easy on your liver, cumin is worth incorporating into your diet. An added benefit is the immune-boosting properties of components like vitamins A and C.

7. Makes Your Skin Glow

Another important component of cumin is vitamin E, which offers a host of benefits including improved skin health.В The spice also has microbial and antioxidant properties that help keep skin looking youthful and glowing all year round.