8 Bedrooms That Make IKEA Look CHIC

We've tried everything in our eternal quest for some decent shut-eye from adopting nighttime routines to adjusting the level of darkness, but before you settle down for the night, there's one thing you need to do: decorate. We truly believe the design of your slumber sanctuary is intricately linked to stronger z's. Just like your eyelids after a long workday, you'll quickly tire of your boudoir design if you don't get it right the first time. Considering how much time we spend in our room each night (experts say it should be at least 7 hours), it deserves your attention, wouldn't you agree? But having designer digs shouldn't cost you, or your sleep. So if you want to encourage the sandman to bring you a dream, read on for our simple and affordable IKEA tweaks, from lighting to nightstands. It's time you snoozed in style.

Phillip Van Nostrand for Style Me Pretty

This feminine bedroom is the result of an insanely cool IKEA hack. Can you guess what classic piece they used? Braun + Adams elevated the popular Pax wardrobe for a San Francisco family by painting it in Benjamin Moore Steep Cliff Gray and adhering custom mirrors to the doors. It really opens up the small space while adding that glam factor we all love.

IKEA Pax Wardrobe $820Shop Frances Tulk-Hart for Domino

Need some inspiration for your kid's bedroom? If you thought it was tough getting yourself to sleep, helping children wind-down will be one of the biggest challenges of your parenting life. Molly Guy turned her daughter's bedroom into a boho nirvana. It's hard to believe that underneath all the decorations, beaded pillows and velvet curtains there's a humble IKEA Kura reversible bed. Now that's cool.

IKEA Kura Reversible Bed $179Shop Jennifer Kathryn Photography for The Everygirl

Even though your body is worn out and ready for bed, often your mind is still racing with tomorrow's to-do list. Our remedy? Read a book. It's the best way to bring on those heavy eyelids. But you'll need a trusty nightstand to host your books and a good reading lamp. That's why we love how The Everygirl has styled the common IKEA Kallax, which doubles as a bookshelf and a side table. Genius.

IKEA Kallax Shelving Unit $39Shop Ivan Solis for Design Love Fest

Lighting is crucial for setting the sleepy mood, but if you really want sleep, science says the darker the better. So when it comes to your room, the softer and more subdued, the better. This IKEA Sinnerlig pendant lamp not only looks the part but acts it, too. Sweet dreams.

IKEA Sinnerlig Pendant Lamp $70Shop Lara Swimmer for Dwell

A simple bedroom free of clutter and excess furniture is the most conducive to rest and ultimately sleep. If you surround yourself with too much stuff, you'll find it harder to snooze, and that's one thing you can't afford to lose. The simple solution is to invest in a bed frame with storage, like the IKEA Mandal bed base pictured. Though it's been discontinued, the very similar Nordli is available in a crisp clean white and comes with even more drawers than the Mandal. Now you have stylish storage to keep all your random bits and pieces hidden from view.

IKEA Nordli Bed Frame With Storage $399Shop Jonas Berg for Stadshem , via Elisaebth Heier

If you're anything like us, most of your best ideas happen when your head hits the pillow. It doesn't matter how many times you tell yourself you'll remember it in the morning; as soon as you wake up, it's as though it never happened. Resistance is futile. If you really want to save the idea for later then make it easy to jot them down. We love the layout of this bedroom that positions a handy IKEA trestle table in the corner for easy access and late-night note scrawling. Your brain will thank you later.

IKEA Glasholm / Oddvald $89Shop Design Sponge

Finding the right mattress is tricky; there are so many things to consider, but once you've settled on the right one, deciding how you wish to display it is the hard part, not to mention pricey. That's where IKEA saves the day. This bed frame is from the Stockholm Collection, which unfortunately is no longer available, but the Tarva version is almost identical.

IKEA Tarva Bed Frame $169Shop 55 Kvadrat

When it comes to stylish boudoirs, the Swedes have it on lock, and this light-filled version is proof. It's streamlined, clutter-free, and simple with a pendant light we can all get behind. We can just envision sleepy afternoons spent reading and napping. Bliss.

IKEA Solvinden LED Solar-Powered Pendant Lamp $10Shop Design Sponge

When space is extra tight, you need to be innovative, just like this creative Boston apartment. Homeowner Claire Ferrante had her carpenter design a custom murphy bed using freestanding IKEA dressers. Style on a dime.

IKEA DombГҐs Wardrobe $199Shop

What's your favorite IKEA product? Tell us how you styled it.