We Can't Get Enough of These Gorgeous Blue Bedrooms

After a while, white walls get blasГ© and neutral room themes feel overplayed. To really add some personality to a room, it's all about leaning into color: pinks, reds, greens, oranges, even yellows. But the one color that surpasses almost any other color theme is the trusty blue.В

Unlike warm shades - and some other cool tones - blue is seemingly universal. The color can be simultaneously as bright and vivid as it is a complementary neutral. That's why it's one of our top picks for bedroom palettes.

From soft robin's egg blue to dark shades of indigo and navy, blue is a dynamic color that can transform any bedroom from basic to beautiful. Ahead, we've rounded up our favorite 26 blue bedrooms to get the ball rolling. Ready to get your blue on? Just keep reading.В

  1. For a sophisticated twist on blue, feature a deep shade of navy, complemented by soft, light shades like pearlescent cream and blush pink. It's an unexpected way to incorporate color without straying too far from classic neutrals.В

  2. To keep your blue color scheme from veering too far to the beachy side, try incorporating modern design. Think pops of color, mix-matched textures, metal accents and unique lighting.В

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  3. Every once in a while, there's a classic print that deserves a standing ovation. We're applauding this woodsy blue and white toile. To keep it looking eclectic and fresh, match the pattern in as many places as possible: from the walls to linens and everything in between.

  4. The easiest way to up the coziness of any room is with texture - and plenty of it. This principle remains true with blue decor. Mix denims and chambrays with royal blue heavy knits and pale blue linen. The key here: more is more.

  5. To add depth and dimension to a small room, continue your blue theme outside of the bedroom: paint the walls, paint the door frame, and sprinkle in coordinating accessories.В В

  6. Just like Marie Antoinette's French bed chambers, blue wainscoting can instantly update an otherwise plain space with next-level sophistication. Lacking the wainscoting? Buy your own panels at a hardware store and attach them to the wall prior to painting.В

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  7. If you want nothing more than all-over blue, go monochrome. Nail down one particular shade and run with it. Try glass or clear acrylic furniture to highlight the blue you chose.

  8. Not all rooms are a perfect box. In fact, we prefer them not to be. It's much more fun to live and play in a bedroom with character. To highlight quirks like angled walls and slanted ceilings, use strategically placed blue paint.

  9. Play up different shades. Emphasize the contrast between light and dark by matching deep navy blue accents and blue trimming with plain white walls and simplistic accents.

  10. Headboards can be very expensive. If you're not up for dropping a few hundred on a statement piece, it's fairly easy to DIY your own with a pint of paint in a color that coordinates with your duvet and throw pillows.

  11. As a primary color, there are very few colors with which blue clashes. Complement blue walls with splashes of bright accent colors like mustard yellow and emerald green on statement furniture, throw blankets, and table lamps.

  12. Although many might think that neutral colors are only black, gray, brown and white, blue is perhaps the unsung hero of neutrals. Darker shades like sapphire and indigo mesh well with various browns, creams, and even blacks. (That's right, black and blue is not a faux pas!)

  13. There seems to be a larger debate about whether teal and turquoise are more green than blue. But we say, why not both? Compare and contrast the shade with live greenery. Bonus: some plants purify the air for easier breathing.В

  14. Simplicity can be magical - especially if you easily feel claustrophobic by an overly crowded bedroom. Take all of the color and crowd out of the equation, minus sky blue. The paint color is known to be soothing and stress-relieving, so you can snooze without worry.

  15. Think of this wall covering as the adult version of Andy's cloud wallpaper from Toy Story. It's joyful, airy, and incredibly dreamy. Plus, just like Andy's room, there's something that makes the blue design feel like it could coordinate with any furniture and decor.

  16. Sometimes, playing it safe is just better. Symmetry is a classic that never goes out of style. Start by placing blue accents symmetrical to the center of the room. If it feels a little too perfect, you can always rearrange to add some character.В

  17. No other color matches blue quite as well as white. Get creative with your white and blue theme by incorporating patterns like stripes and paisley - and don't forget to add a touch of personality, like a pop of metallic or homemade art.

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  18. There is nothing greater in the design world than a good throw pillow. For a fresh take on blue, leave everything neutral - except the throw pillows. Pile on different blue shades, textures and shapes for a bed that you want to jump into at the end of the day.

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  19. On the polar-opposite side of neutral blue is a vibrant, colorful blue. For an energizing effect - rather than the calming effect soft blues bring - go for a bright paint color that inspires. These shades combine the joyful essence of water with hints of royal blue.В

  20. Leave the rest of the room soft and neutral and rely on a pop of bright blue on the bed to bring attention to the center of the room. Go for a pattern or add decorative tassels to make even more of a statement.

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  21. Without even trying, every shade of blue can skew a little nautical. If you're not afraid of leaning into the sailor vibes, embrace them. Add woven elements, seashells, landscape photography and, of course, stripes for a beach house feeling that's most definitely summer all year long.

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  22. If you have the curse of small square footage, fake a bigger floor plan by using blue paint to draw the eyes up towards a blank white ceiling. It'll add height, depth, and ambiance. Plus, the soothing color will keep the coziness of a small room without the claustrophobia.В

  23. While some blues exude femininity, others are much more masculine. Consider this somewhere in between. The leather accents bring in a level of toughness while the luxurious knits and soft bedding create balance.В

  24. Let blue lay the background for a busy foreground: leafy greens, mixed woods, vibrant patterns, subway tiling, and collaged art. In an essence, blue is your easy foundation to support eclectic, decorative accents.В

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  25. As they say, the devil is in the details. Elevate your bedroom by introducing blue in luxurious ways: velvet fabrics, faux furs, metallics, and drapery. Details like this instantly transform any space into a penthouse loft.

Feeling the Nordic cabin vibes? Accentuate natural elements by painting the ceilings with an icy blue to bring out warmth from woods and lighting.