4 Bedroom Lighting Ideas That Always Set the Right Mood

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No matter the style, a bedroom should always promote calm and relaxation. And while things like soft sheets, clutter-free surfaces, and dГ©cor that speaks to personality are allВ important parts of the package, there's one other ingredient that can make or break theВ sanctuary, as it directly impactsВ mood and well-being: lighting.В

In a studyВ evaluating lighting's effect on the mood of people who work indoors, researchers foundВ what you might expect: "The light and color of the workplace itself also had an influence on the mood of persons working there. The workers' mood was at its lowest when the lighting was experienced as much too dark. The mood then improved and reached its highest level when the lighting was experienced as just right, but when it became too bright the mood declined again."В

Basically, it's okay to act like Goldilocks when you'reВ selecting the lights for any space you spend a lot of time in, like your bedroom,В seeing as the stakes are pretty high. But don't let that intimidate you. In fact, lighting is one of the mostВ exciting parts of the decorating process, as it allows you to get creative with how you meld function with form.

Now for the fun part-let's talk about design. Ahead, we break down fourВ bedroom lighting ideas, with styling tips andВ shopping suggestions for each. Just think of all the bright ideas that are about to come to you in your dreams.

To Utilize Floor Space, Opt for a Floor Lamp

Fantastic Frank

If you have enough floor space in your bedroom for a tall lamp, this can be a great way toВ bring in an additionalВ light source while also picking up on dГ©cor details throughout your room. You get to choose whether it adds a sense of cohesion or makes a style statement.В

Gubi Grasshopper Floor Lamp $1030Shop

Architectural and unique yet slim in silhouette, this floor lamp is the perfect thing to place by an armchair or even next to the bed. It comes in an array of neutral hues, from black to brown clay and white, but we're really feeling this light gray one for a casually bold look.

West Elm Petite Arc Metal Floor Lamp $249 $199Shop

With a metal eyeball socket shade, this '60s-inspiredВ slim arc light is the perfect way to bring in personality without having to rely on bulky furniture items or extra dГ©cor clutter to get the job done.

To Make a Statement Overhead, Opt for a Pendant

JH Interior Design

If you have high ceilings or your flushed mount needs some love, opt for a pendant or chandelier. This ensures that the most important functional element of the room (aside from the bed maybe) also makes a style statement. So transform your overhead lighting into something beautiful rather than having to cluster a bunch of plug-in light sources.

Cedar & Moss Swift Cord Pendant $149Shop

This matte clay pendant boasts a modern yet laid-back coastal feel. Hanging it next to the bed as a night light instead of going for the standard bedside table lamp will give your room an offbeat, cool ambiance.

Project 62 Menlo Asterisk Ceiling Light $176 $132Shop

Let your pendant light take center stage in the bedroom. This modern take on the chandelier is bursting with personality and always makes a statement, yet it also blends nicely with a variety of dГ©cor schemes and environments.

Modernica Nelson Saucer Pendant Lamp $395-1295Shop

This organic light is a classic. The materials allow it to emit a soft glow, so this should be a go-to for anyone looking to mix Japanese and Scandinavian design while also avoiding harsh artificial light.

To Make Use of Surfaces, Opt for a Table Lamp

Liljencrantz Design

Similar to a floor lamp, a good table lamp is a perfect reading light, and you can add it to your bedroom desk or an end table. Since they're on the smaller side, you won't have to worry that they'll over-light your space or cast unflattering shadows from too many sources. They're also an easy way to incorporate pops of color or contrasting materials and textures into your room. At the same time, they can help create consistency and draw upon other details throughout the room to build a theme.

To Maximize Space, Opt for a Sconce

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And last but not least, let's talk sconces and wall lighting. Using your wall space for things like storage and light sources is a great way to open up the space and limit clutter. There's also just something that feels refined and grown-up about sconces. Flanking your bed with them in lieu of table lamps on a bedside table can create a beautiful sense of symmetry. That being said, depending on what kind of wall light you choose, sconces are usually better for indirect light.

Roll and Hill Modo Sconce $980Shop

Super sophisticated without looking ostentatious, this sconce would look gorgeous in any environment, no matter the style.

Flos Foglio Wall Light $795Shop

If you want to set the mood with indirect light, this is about as cool as it gets. The polished steel chrome finish is sleek and glam.

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