Plantfluencers Unite: These Are the 7 Best Places to Buy Plants


It feels as though yourВ home is no longer complete without a collection of thriving greenery, and that's a good thing. Before recent design practices insisted onВ these living thingsВ as a must-have modern accessory-a potted fig tree in the corner of a living room, a succulent in the bathroom, a planter of herbs in the kitchen, for instance-it was common knowledge that plants were good for health but maybe not as vital for indoor aesthetics. Now, thankfully, it's understood that plants can be wholly beneficial, no matter which ones are introduced into a home. The New York TimesВ even coined the next generation of green thumbs, Plantfluencers.

But if you have yet to trust your own green thumb, or if you're simply looking to add to your collection, now is the time to embrace how beneficial plants can be. We collected the seven best places to buyВ plants online and in person so that you can choose between laid-back varieties or those that need a little more care.

From well-known garden centers like Home Depot to online powerhouses like Amazon, to lesser-known shops like The Sill, these brands are sure to have whatever you need to capitalize on this trend. And no matter which plant you choose, its presence will bring aВ finishing touch to any room in your home.


Prepare to fall down a rabbit hole of possibilities when scrolling through the wide variety of plants that are up for grabs on Etsy. Sellers have grown and photographed every possible succulent, flower, fern, and tree you can think of on this small-business site, making it easy to imagine your home with a number of options. The "handmade" section is also worth checking out, too, if you're looking for something different.В

Air Plant Design Center Air Plant $140Shop


Maybe it shouldn't be all that surprising that this online juggernaut has an extensive garden section, covering everything from succulents and herbs to vines and shrubs. Its planters and tools are equally comprehensive, and it's easy to find options based on varying budgets, color choices, and overall home design.В

American Plant Exchange Calathea Ornata Pinstripe Prayer Live Plant $20Shop

The Sill

Since making a name for itself as an Instagram-ready online plant store that can deliver greenery to any door nationwide,В The Sill has grown into a brand with a number of brick-and-mortar locations, too. Shop its selection of mini, small, and medium plants, and sign up for online and in-store workshops that show you how to cultivate a green thumb. Or if you prefer to pop in-store, they haveВ two locations in New York and just opened up in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.


The Sill Pothos Marble in August Planter $40Shop

The Bouqs

As another popular startup brand that became known for its flower subscription services,В The Bouqs has recently grown its offerings to includeВ a small collection of low-maintenance houseplants. Plants can be ordered with a $12 shipping cost within the continental U.S., and shipping is free when weekday orders are placed with $100 or more.

The Bouqs "Quinn" Four Mini Succulents $70Shop


If you have yet to appreciate the selection of Anthropologie's sister brand, Terrain, now is the time to do some perusing. Its garden section features a wide selection of potted or fresh-cut flowers, as well as plants, trees, and terrariums. And aside from the greenery, Terrain also has enoughВ eye-catching planters and supplies to make you look forward to getting your hands dirty.

Terrain Jade Plant, Cork Pot $35Shop

Home Depot

Shake off the stereotype you have of this chain being a suburban dad hangout.В The Home Depot has expanded its design offerings as of late-including plenty of stylish indoor home goods-without leaving its dependably extensive garden section behind. You're sure to go home with something sturdy and beautiful, whether it's a small desk plant or a larger shrub.

The Home Depot Ficus Lyrata Plant $30Shop

Farmgirl Flowers

Here's the mission of Farmgirl Flowers: to offer quality blooms and plants that are almost entirely grown from American farmers. That standard supports those often family businessesВ and creates greenery that is made entirely in-house. So, while there may not be the largest selection of available-which includes a potted succulent and a flowering jasmine plant-your purchase will stand up for fair wages and safe working conditions.

Farmgirl Flowers Catch Some Zz's $60Shop

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