Prepare to Screenshot: These Are the 23 Coolest Rooms on Instagram

Instagram can, in one word, be epic and that is not lost on its abundance of interior design inspiration from insane travel content, to artists you need to know right now. We are constantly adding to our saved collections for a rainy day, or better yet for an energy strike that can be put towards feverishly rearranging our furniture. We think it's very cool the way the design world gets a little bit smaller every time a new interior designer or furniture shop hops on IG and begins to share.
Where we once had to travel to the ends of the Earth to study the aesthetics of different cultures when it comes to home goods, we can now follow along virtually.
We delved into our shared folders, and inspo screenshots to share the 23 coolest rooms on Instagram that you'll want to mimic immediately.
Unsure what kind of updates you may want to make within your home? Scroll through as you will surely find your style in one of these rooms, and a few design tips to boot.

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Why We Love It: Athena Calderone endlessly inspires us as the modern homemaker. From her ethereal edible masterpieces to her very own home, everything she touches has an element of her mastery. That brings us to her living room, where she has gathered vintage pieces “Reaped in history” and contemporary designers to tell the story of her style. She attributes the success of this room to the “Controlled palette and varied textures.”

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Why We Love It: We love the way Colin King has mixed proportions and weight to achieve this cozy, contemporary look. He even knows a thing or two about making a home look more expensive than it is. By styling chairs and side tables in small groups, this space has been transformed from large and open to small vignettes within the larger concept. If your space is an open floor plan as such, mimicking this will aid in optimizing the space into common areas, workspaces, and more.

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Why We Love It: This room is fearlessly steeped in modern opulence within Alex Van Der Sluys' swoon-worthy home-heavy marble, metallic gold clad cupboards, and a blush island to greet you each morning. Although it is a lot of varying textures and colors, the sharp edges of the design and clean styling make for a minimal take on glamour. Don't be afraid to go for the gold.

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Why We Love It: We will never get tired of how impactful the right cozy rug can be in a living space like this. With natural light, you don't need much more than earthly elements to dress it up a little. Furniture with wood structures and leather detailing go a long way when paired with white walls. For unexpected oomphf add edgy metallic pieces like these shallow bowls.

Total Likes: 5,467
Why We Love It: Ceilings are often overlooked as prime real-estate for a statement, however Elisa Ossino Studio took it to the next level and painted the beams emerald to tie in the rooms hues in a new way. Without going all green, this tells a story of the color palette in a clean way. Consider looking up in our own home, you never know what inspiration may strike you.

Total Likes: 15,493
Why We Love It: We are forever inspired by the clean lines of a plaster dwelling. While this material can come off cold and stiff, it is easily softened with vintage rugs, wood shelving, and picture windows that let the outside in. We will take this shower situation any day.

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Why We Love It: We love how playful this open floor-plan space is from the swing bench that optimizes seating in a cool way, to the romantic canopy bed. Using rugs and varying heights of design elements such as the pendant lamps, and poster bed, this large open room transforms into smaller ones that feel private and intentional.

Total Likes: 9,931
Why We Love It: We always knew designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent would execute an effortless dream home, but this snapshot proves that neutrals can make a statement. We love the soft rounded furniture in contrast to the black metal lighting fixtures and sculptural elements.

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Why We Love It: We are continuously inspired by the crafts and designs of Morocco and this bedroom does this colorful culture justice. Layered woven rugs on the floor instantly warm up the space, while heavy metal light fixtures and vintage mirrors bring home that eclectic charm.

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Why We Love It: We love seeing art in unexpected places-it's not just for the gallery wall, and this bathroom in Leanne Ford's home gives and all-white room an eye-catching twist. If you're lucky enough to have arched doorways in your own home, use them as a frame of such the showcase a stylishly layered depth of field.

Total Likes: 10,939
Why We Love It: While this living space has high ceilings that really open up the room, you can recreate a grandiose feeling by painting your walls and ceiling a warm bright white. If you get a good amount of natural light even better, the sunbeams will bounce off the white walls to make your home feel larger and clean.

Total Likes: 13,336
Why We Love It: This bathroom by Emily Henderson is the perfect balance between masculine and feminine, ideal for a couple who coexist in a space as such. The heavy marble sinks steal the show amongst the clean lines, and gold fixtures. Consider a statement sink for you own master bathroom, and keep the rest simple.

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Why We Love It: Earthly dГ©cor elements such as wood accessories, and rough stone planters invite the outside in. You can recreate this room by Emily Henderson easily by collecting natural fiber rugs, keeping walls bright and white, and neutral-hued art.

Total Likes: 4,538
Why We Love It: Don't be afraid to use saturated colors in unexpected places to liven up a room such as your dining area. This 3700-square-foot home wastes no space and gets right to it with a playful, patterned color palette. Dinner parties will always be a little more celebratory with textures like suede dining chairs, vintage rugs, and brushed brass fixtures. If you're feeling overwhelmed by matching colors, find framed artwork with similar tones to tie in louder elements.

Total Likes: 7,145
Why We Love It: Stay in bed will be your life motto when you recreate this Soho House Istanbul bedroom in your own home. We love the way the dГ©cor pieces are mismatched from varying eras and styles, coming together to create a place where sweet dreams happen. If you're looking to take on this aesthetic invest in a statement-making bed frame like this velvet emerald green one.

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Why We Love It: What is cozier than folding into your favorite bed sheets next to this marble fireplace and cracking open a good book? Scandinavian design is forever influencing us with their minimal sensibilities and unexpected elements such as this. If your home naturally holds heavy-hitting details like this, allow these to be the statements, and dress up the rest with monochromatic dГ©cor and a simple rug.

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Why We Love It: Invite vacation style into your every day with lightweight linens, seaside colors, and tiled flooring per this snap of Hotel San CristГіbal Baja. If you're working with a small budget, this look is easy to get with just a few key pieces-tassel pillowcases and a colorful throw will do the trick.

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Why We Love It: Leanne Ford's former home brings chalet-chic to the desert with her creation of a comfortable cabin-like spot. The structure lends itself to this concept (stone fireplace, raw wood flooring, beamed rooftop, however Ford also made it even warmer with her personal touches of tall-piled rugs, a mirrored coffee table to reflect the space back on itself, and wood accents.

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Why We Love It: If you're wondering if you can even have too much marble, this snapshot is proof that you cannot. Denise Vasi's home is a functional take on glamour and her style really culminates in her kitchen. The wood beamed ceiling matched with marble a backsplash is a dreamy way to frame such a luxurious material and make it feel warmer.В

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Why We Love It: Bathrooms are often left to last, as a functional place to stash your beauty products and rinse off your day. This bathroom however is more of a vignette based in the celebration of relaxation. The simplicity of this image shows, if you can invest in anything, a dreamy tub goes a long way.

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Why We Love It: This living room by designer Courtney Nye is an ode to the Spanish-style architecture of Los Angeles that we know and love. We adore the way she left the structure to speak for itself and uplifted it with details like an arched mirror, and light wood coffee table.

Total Likes: 1,624
Why We Love It: Jenna Lyons' Soho loft is a sanctuary above from the blusting city. We love the use of vintage flea market knick knacks, classic gold fixtures, and the creamy marble. At the end of a long Manhattan minute, we would love to soak in this deep bathtub.

Total Likes: 608
Why We Love It: The success of Sacha Strebe's use of her family's 350-square foot Silverlake space is attributed to “Good planning and beautiful pieces.” Prioritizing art and independent contemporary designers gives this living room a touch of individuality. If you're working with a bungalow on the petite side, think vertical when choosing your décor and don't be afraid to hang large pieces on the walls to optimize that often-overlooked space.

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