Give It Up for the 'Gram: 25 Interior Design Stores You Need to Follow on Instagram

In this modern time of overnight shipping and voice-messaging, I find myself less compelled to dip into a newly opened shop, or sift through flea market booths for that on hidden gem amongst the rubble-I guess I'm a product of my generation. instead, I turn to my Instagram app to get the job done. As someone who is always on the hunt for a collectible piece to complete my ever-evolving space, I have become quite fond of seeing the local ceramicists blow up globally, or the small-town thrifter turned heavy-hitter all because the masses gathered (virtually of course) to cheer them on.

Thus, whether you seek a hit of creative invigoration or are in a hurry to acquire a new dining table, don't look any further than these 21 accounts that will renew your appreciation for the 'gram. With the newfound shopping features on Instagram, it makes it simple to come across a piece you like, and swoop it all from your mobile device-more importantly, before somebody else does. Skim this article for the best places to scroll.

If you're a big fan of Amber Lewis' work then you'll love her Los Angeles-based home boutiques too. Scrolling through her Shoppe Amber interiors feed, you'd be forgiven for thinking that photos of her shop (seen above) were from one of her home projects, but this is what the store looks like. It's so quintessentially Amber Interiors with that relaxed Cali-cool style we've all come to know and love. And if you're not in California, don't despair, you can shop online too.

This Portland-based shop is the purveyor of all the independent goods we didn't know we needed. From the dreamiest ceramics to lighting that leans more towards art installation than just illumination-they're worth a follow for the inspo alone.В The upside is, you can shop online if you're not an Oregonian.

Curated for retrophiles like myself who believe everything was just better in the 70s', Claude Home is like cracking open a treasure chest. Prices are fair, and the shop owner, Maggy Holloway is quick to respond to all your questions.

Popuphome is great for those who seek the thrill of the chase. Once a piece goes live on their Instagram, who's to say how long it'll last before another aesthetically-driven follower snatches it up. The buyers of Popuphome do a great job of finding unique pieces that are vintage but contemporary enough to easily slip right into your space. And trust me, you'll want to.

Apparatus is for the dreamers. In this curated world, art becomes a way of life, the minute you hit that follow button. The stunning avant-garde pieces are investments that truly change the game. I love following along to see what they come up with next-you should see inside their showstopping L.A. showroom.

When your mind is hungry for appealing interiors that one can easily mimic in their own space, Article is the account to explore. I love how approachable the prices are too. Need a fresh take on outdoor chairs for summer? Article has what you're looking for.

I've long been a fan of Kelly Wearstler's eye for color and shape, and adore doing deep dives into her shop account when I crave a mental get-away. She's turned escapism into a lifestyle that can easily be applied to your own living room, just add to cart.

This New York gem has been on our radar for years. We love their streamlined aesthetic and unique pieces from local designers. We were thrilled when they popped up in L.A. last year with a living room that was 100% shoppable. If you're on-the-hunt for unique pieces, then Trnk NYC is the destination or at least a visual feast for inspiration.

There's something so satisfying about dreamy dishware that's made by hand. It's the easiest upgrade for me when my home base is feeling stale. A few new dishes or a new coffee mug spruces up my space just enough. Notary Ceramics is a one-stop for the eye-catching ceramics you'll want to fill your cupboards with.

Minimalists, head on over to Radnor's IG for a dose of contemporary influence in every swipe. I was initially drawn not only to their on-point eye for interiors but the fact that they support independent small designers giving them a platform to blossom from.

No matter what your style, this account is worth the follow. The grid is constantly brimming with contemporary dwellings that seem ripped from a design book-how can anyone live here? The answer is, they shop at Matter for pieces by leading artists and designer goods that are akin to installations, yet somehow function as furniture too.

If you feel compelled to fill your home with one-of-a-kind pieces (and spend a good chunk of your life searching for it too) then you need to know about the 1stdibs Instagram account. Being able to shop the 'gram makes it easy to swoop the pieces you fall for then and there, and if you're just browsing, you can save a ton of ideas for your own home too. They also have a really great blog on their site that's brimming with good design info.

I remember my first Croft House chair-sinking in and thinking “I may never leave this spot.” That's a lot like what clicking through their beautiful feed is like. Not only do I love supporting local designers, but they truly know their craft. Take a peek, you never know what dream-seating arrangement you might run into.

Stalking this account will make you strip down your bed immediately and start anew, with a pair of their sheets of course. I get a lot of ideas for little bedroom updates here and there from Parachute's IG. It's often a good reminder that you don't need to take a wrecking ball to your home to freshen it up.

When you stumble across a home goods line that is budget friendly, and totally nails your style, you keep a close eye on what they're working on. Lulu and Georgia are just that for me, and I think it might be for you too. A minimalist take on the eclectic style, and a super clean grid to scroll on through.

Local and Lejos is a company that brings artisanal goods from the world over, right to the palm of your hand. Keep up to date with their latest community partnership where they give back proceeds from purchases, and in turn, provide shoppers with unique handmade goods. I enjoy learning of crafts I would otherwise have to travel the world to uncover, no passport needed.

How does West Elm always nail the color palette and dГ©cor inklings you've been daydreaming of-at least they do for me. Thinking about upgrading to a velvet saffron-hued couch? They've got it. Their account is a good reminder of small ways you can make your home feel seasonally new, without emptying your piggy bank to do so. West Elm also has great sales too so giving them a follow is a good way to keep up with that.

What is up with how perfect everything on Zara Home is styled? It's like stepping into a universe where your home can be transformed into a dreamscape in just a few (albeit inexpensive) purchases.

Worn have a way of selling us a lifestyle of effortless home dГ©cor and perfectly understated goods in every drop to the feed-as Aussies do. I stick around for their mission to bring sustainability and ethical production to all their customers lives with each purchase.

The Citizenry is like that dear friend who's always returning from the next big destination stowing local crafts in her carry on-and we all know those friends are the best. Their Instagram, just like their shopping selection, takes us on a journey only to return with souvenirs of the visually stimulating and covetable variety.

CB2's IG bio reads “furniture for the modern home” but we truly believe it's furniture for every home. No matter what your preference (maximalist or minimalist) there's something for everyone in this virtual space. I'm drawn to the striking vignettes of styled homes, boundary-pushing ideas-can I pull off a blush statement wall?-and approachable (affordable) décor that can easily be applied to your own abode.

If this is your first time visiting the March Instagram page you'll be tumbling down a rabbit hole in no time and wondering why you don't own more attractive jugs, and various vessels on your tabletop. It's refreshing to see an interior design store specific to the kitchen, pantry, and dining. You know what they say, do one thing and do it well.

Galerie Provenance was born of a passion for collecting artifacts, ones that go on to fill your home with stories of who you are, where you've been, where the objects themselves have been. Through this, a strong eye for design and curation has filtered into every piece they sell, and every photo they post. It's a project unfolding before your eyes, that you can also be apart of.

If you haven't heard of Aussie furniture line, Barnaby Lane, then go and give them a follow, asap. Their handmade leather designs are impeccably well-crafted and the good news is, they ship to the U.S. Their IG really sells you that laid-back Down Under design style we all crave and we're pretty sure you will smell that salt-kissed breeze when you bring one of their pieces home. Just maybe. It's worth a shot.

No Instagram list of home interior accounts to follow would be complete without including The Line. Founder, Vanessa Traina launched the shoppable space idea, creating a stylish boutique in NY and L.A (sadly NY closed its doors this month) that felt like a home you want to live in. And we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that it is by far one of the most regrammed (and repinned) spaces. Kudos to Traina and her well-honed eye. We want to live that Line life.

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