Yes, Yoga Can Also Help Improve Your Gut Health


The gut is often viewed as our body's “second brain” because that is how much we need to care for it. It's a place that holds many of our troubles, such as skin issues, bloating, worry, and digestive woes. Diet is a big factor when it comes to improving your gut health, but the answer can also be found in yoga. We reached out to yogi and owner of One Hot Yoga, Lucinda Mills, to find out exactly why yoga is considered so beneficial. And while downward dog has many benefits, holding “puppy pose” could be where you find your way to a healthier gut.

When the stresses of life take hold of us we become unbalanced and a hyper- or under-active gut can sometimes be the result. Yoga improves mindfulness through breath, and in return, this can reduce the stress that is put on some of these crucial systems. “Clearing the mind through yoga also enhances a person's general level of happiness,” Mills says. “This can result in more conscious decision-making in the moment, such as choosing healthier food and drinks, which your gut will thank you for.” And as for skin, Mills says that hot yoga specifically has many benefits. “Regular sweating rids the body of toxins, clearing pores and adding a natural glow to the skin”. Read: Natural facial.

Keep scrolling to find out the three postures to know.

Crescent Lunge Twist-“This is a deeply detoxifying posture that rings out the internal organs. Hold for one minute on each side. Modify by lowering your back knee to the floor.”

Reclined Twist-“A more restorative twist, hold this posture on each side anywhere from two to five minutes. In addition to detoxification, it's very calming.”

Puppy Pose-“This pose is great after twisting to stretch the belly out, which can help with cramps and bloating.”

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