This Is Exactly What a Celebrity Trainer Eats in a Day


When you walk into one of Lauren Kleban's intimateВ LEKFIT workouts, you're greeted with rows of individual trampolines, hand weights, and, perhaps, a celebrity or two.В Busy Philipps, Emmy Rossum, and our own co-founderВ Hillary KerrВ are committed devoteesВ of the classes, and it's not difficult to understand why. Kleban is the fitness expert, celebrity trainer, and former professional dancer responsible for conceptualizing the dance-inspired workout. Each classВ requires stamina, strength, balance, and coordination to help students create long and lean muscles.В

It's clear that the mastermind behind these intense workouts knows a thing or two about health and wellness. "As a professional dancer, moving into the fitness space was a very natural and organic transition," Kleban tells MyDomaine. "I have always been very interested in fitness and food, and how food is used to fuel and nourish our bodies," she continues.

Hoping to glean a few tips from the fitness pro, we chatted with Kleban about her regular health routine, from what she eats in a day to her workout schedule and self-care rituals. Keep reading to find out her favorites foods, her healthy habits, and her advice for anyone who feels stuck in a health and wellness rut.



Kleban keeps her nutrition simple, focusing on vegetables and lean proteins. "I am, for the most part, a pescatarian, but if I am craving something, I always eat it," she says. "I am a strong believer in listening to your body and everything is okay in moderation," Kleban continues. To get a better sense of her diet regimen, here's exactly what she eats in a typical day.

Breakfast: Kleban typically makes avocado toast, sweet potatoВ toast, or pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. She also loves breakfast salads, which she makes with arugula, cilantro, cucumber, and fruit.

Lunch: "I have been obsessed with my favorite ginger-carrot soup from Erewhon," the trainer says. She likes to pair her go-to soup with a hummus, avocado, and veggie sandwich on sprouted grain bread.

Snacks: In between meals, you can find Kleban snacking on dried or fresh fruit, nut butter, veggie chips, bone broth, salted dark chocolate, or popcorn.

Dinner: Following her pescatarian diet, Kleban usually eats a dinner of fresh salmon with vegetables and either quinoa or brown rice.

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It should come as no surprise that Kleban takes exercising very seriously. In fact, she works out seven days a week using her own LEKFIT method. "I saw the need for a more efficient and effective dance-inspired full-body workout," she explains.В Her workouts are designed to create long, lean muscles through low impact, high-intensity intervals of cardio and muscle sculpting techniques. It's how Kleban and her students burn fat, strengthen muscles, and toneВ their whole bodies.

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Between working out every day, running her own studio, and being a mom (yes, Kleban has two little ones), it's important for the fitness pro to prioritize self-care. "I take an Epsom salt bubble bath every night and always find the time I need to take care of my skin and hair," she shares.В

Her advice for others feeling stuck in a rut? She recommends finding a method that constantly offersВ something new so you can change things up and thinks that finding a way to stay committed is an important part of any routine. "I think that recruiting a friend to work out with or joining a group on social media is a great way to help hold yourself accountable," Kleban says. "And loving what you are wearing during your workout doesn't hurt either," she continues.

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