8 Wine Slushie Recipes That Will Keep You Chill This Summer

We're not quite sure when it happened, but frosé has replaced rosé as the summertime drink of choice. Perhaps it all started because some of our favorite bars started blending those icy cocktails to cool us down on days where you could take five showers and still feel gross. We agree that there's nothing better to beat the heat than our favorite wine blended with shaved ice or served completely frozen.

See, we are in total support of the wine slushie. The thing is that rosГ© is not the only wine that tastes good at this temperature and consistency. From Sauvignon blanc infused with peach and lavender to red wine with mixed berries, we've rounded up the top frozen wine recipes you need to make this summer. Scroll through, see our top picks, and then get to blending your favorite.

Lemonade FrosГ©

Courtesy of How Sweet Eats

The Hero Ingredient: Dry rosГ© and lemonade are basically all you need for this ultimate summer beverage (that and a little planning ahead).

The Recipe: Freeze rosГ© into ice cube trays, and pop in a blender with rosГ© syrup and lemon zest. Garnish with lemon slices and you get this refreshing lemonade frosГ©.

The Clincher: Make big batches of the rosГ© ice cubes and rosГ© syrup at a time, and you'll have your basic ingredients to whip up rosГ© lemonade in a flash all summer.

Superfood FrosГ©

Courtesy of Root + Revel

The Hero Ingredient: The hero ingredients in this wine slushie recipe are plentiful: Frozen watermelon, strawberries, and lime are sprinkled with goji berry powder and camu camu powder.

The Recipe: Drop your frozen fruits into a blender with ice, rosГ©, lime, and your superfood powder to drink all day (almost) guilt-free with this superfood frosГ© recipe.

The Clincher: Omit the rosГ© and you'll have a really healthy and refreshing beverage to sip by the pool.

Frozen Peach Bellini

Courtesy of Salt & Wind

The Hero Ingredient: Sweet summer peaches will transform this brunch favorite into a summer slushie to delight the harshest critics.

The Recipe: Combine peaches, orange juice, brut Champagne, agave syrup, and ice to get this scrumptious-looking frozen peach bellini. Add fresh peaches to garnish.

The Clincher: It's entirely acceptable to drink this brunch cocktail before noon. You're welcome.

FrosГ© Aperol Spritz

Courtesy of Salt & Wind

The Hero Ingredient: Sweet Aperol, strawberries, and oranges complement the dry rosГ© perfectly in this refreshing concoction.

The Recipe: Soak the berries in Aperol for minimum 12 hours. Combine the chilled rosГ© with strawberries, infused Aperol, orange juice, lime juice, and sugar in a blender to get this summery FrosГ© Aperol Spritz.

The Clincher: Soak a big batch of strawberries in ApГ©rol once and you'll even be able to add your infused liquor into regular spritzes.

Peach-lavender wine slushie

Zoe With Love

The Hero Ingredient: You'll use fresh lavender to make a homemade simple syrup that's just out-of-this-world good.

The Recipe: Frozen fresh peaches, the lavender simple syrup, and a bottle of sauvignon blanc are blended and then garnished with a fresh peach wedge in this tasty wine slushie recipe.

The Clincher: You can make a double batch of the simple syrup; it keeps fresh in the fridge for up to two weeks. Or gift a friend the extras.


Half Baked Harvest

The Hero Ingredient: Tequila makes sure this rosГ©-based wine slushie has an extra kick (no boring ingredients here).

The Recipe: Your favorite rosГ© is mixed with frozen watermelon and raspberries, some lime juice, honey, and a few dashes of tequila (throw in some ice if your fruit isn't quite as frozen as you'd like).

The Clincher: An edible flower garnish means these cocktails are going to get serious play on Instagram during your next party.


Baking a Moment

The Hero Ingredient: Ground cinnamon gives the red wine, brandy, and frozen fruit the flavor of a sangria that's been soaking for hours.

The Recipe: Frozen peaches, pineapples, and mixed berries are blended with your favorite red wine, some brandy, some orange triple sec, and a dash of cinnamon in this summery wine slushie recipe.

The Clincher: It's sangria without the soaking time-whip this up for your next get-together.


Hungry Happens

The Hero Ingredient: Fresh peaches that have been blanched, peeled, sliced, and then frozen are the star of this wine slushie recipe.

The Recipe: Alternate layers of wine and fruit by first mixing the strawberries with wine and then the peaches with the remaining wine. It gives the cocktails a striped effect that's so pretty.

The Clincher: Make a double batch substituting coconut water for the wine for an alcohol-free option.

Serve your wine slushies with hybrid metal straw/spoons so you can enjoy every last bit.

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This story was originally published on July 1, 2017, and has since been updated.