What Not to Do on Your Wedding Day, According to a Real Bride

Tane Coffin

Navigating your nuptials for the first time can be daunting a task. Whether it's the day you've dreamt about since you were a little girl, or it's never crossed your mind until the question was popped-everyone knows that planning your big day is a big job.

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and a tonne of pressure is natural when coordinating your wedding day-because you haven't done it before! So why not learn from the ones that have. Enter, MyDomaine Australia's resident contributor and founder of PR and brand strategy consultancy, KMC, Kelly MГјller, who married her partner in a bohemian-inspired wedding in New ZealandВ just over a year ago. And while it was practically perfect, there were a few things MГјller would change given a second chance. Brides-to-be, scroll on for the top lessons MГјller learnt on her wedding day.

1. Relaxed is good, too relaxed is not when it comes to hair and makeup

“I envisaged winged eyeliner, red lipstick, and a glamorous side part-all of which featured heavily on my bridal beauty Pinterest board. However, on the morning of the wedding, I went all “bridechilla”-I didn't want to make a fuss or be too demanding-and only showed the makeup artist one picture, which wasn't actually what I wanted the end result to be. I still felt good but I didn't feel wow. And I still kick myself for not being more direct with what I wanted.”

2. Don't sweat the small stuff

“I work in PR and have thrown many events in my time-it's my job to ensure the details are executed to perfection-however, when it comes to your own wedding day, it's not actually your job to impress people. They are there to celebrate you and your love so concentrate on the things that really matter-food, wine, music, and your family and friends.”

Let go of obsessing over the details. No one will remember your beautifully designed and intricate place settings!

3. Make sure you do things with your partner

“A friend gave me this advice prior to our big day and it was spot on! Dance together, greet guests together, eat together-the day goes so fast and if you don't do things as a team, you'll wake up the next day and wonder if your partner enjoyed themselves because you didn't get the chance to experience it with them!”

4. The weather isn't worth the worry

“We had an outdoor wedding in New Zealand and while we had a marquee, the original idea of the wedding was designed around the outdoors. We planned to have rugs and lounges set up in little chill out areas, lawn games, and an outdoor dance floor. The weather absolutely packed in the night before and the entire ground was completely sodden. That put a stop to all of our initial plans, but instead of worrying about it, I surrendered to it and turned up not knowing where we would actually be saying our vows or how things had come together. The set up doesn't matter-marrying your forever does.”

5. Gratitude is everything

“It is incomprehensible to imagine how much effort your friends and family will put in to making your day incredibly special. We had friends running round New Zealand picking things up for us, family setting up for us, checking on food and alcohol, organising wet weather options, setting up, packing down-and they do it because they love you. But one thing I learned is how important it is to thank them. They don't have to do it. They're not obligated to do it. And letting them know how grateful and thankful you are isn't only the right thing to do, it's an absolute must.”

6.I wish I considered the time it takes to get a bridal party ready

“I wanted to really enjoy my morning with my girls but ended up feeling that the time passed by too quickly and with too much going on. I had four bridesmaids plus my mum all in hair and makeup and despite starting at 7 a.m. in the morning, by the time we left at 2 p.m., I felt like I hadn't had any time with them. I would consider having additional hair and makeup artists so the time could be condensed and more time could be spent just hanging out together.”

7. Fitting in photos is a pain

“My husband and I knew we didn't want traditional wedding photos, but there are still the family pics, the couple shots and the bridal party shots that need to be done-regardless of how candid you want them to be. All we wanted to do was enjoy the time with our friends and family so we rushed through them and in hindsight, probably didn't get enough. I still don't know what the answer is here but I would recommend properly considering how and when you will do your photos. Have a set plan and work out what is most important to you.”

8.Don't delay the honeymoon!

“Ours was a little complicated as we had our six month old (now 18 months) at our wedding. We pushed the honeymoon out to the December following our March wedding, but what that meant is the wedding was over and we went back to our jobs and everyday life as it was before and didn't get to really embrace and enjoy that initial time as husband and wife. Life also got in the way and we didn't manage a honeymoon-in fact, we're now going on a “familymoon” this coming May.”

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