Everything You Need To Know About Your Moon Sign

If you're anything like us, you've probably downloaded an astrology app (or two) by now. With a single click, you can find out your moon sign, rising sign, and more-but what does it all mean?В

Think of it like this: Your birth chart is like a snapshot of the cosmos at the exact moment you were born. Every planet and point has its own meaning that reveals something unique and special about yourself. The fact that it's personalized to you is the reason it's so accurate, not to mention why you feel so seen when you read the descriptions.

Your moon sign is one of the most important parts of your chart to know. The moon is associated with emotions-the sign your moon is in explains how you're most likely to express your feelings-along with what you need to feel good. This sign shows where you're most comfortable. When you know your moon sign, you can find or create spaces that feel like home, no matter where you are.

Not sure what your moon sign is? It's easy to find using an online chart calculator like this one or this one.

Aries Moon

The best thing about having an Aries moon? You're passionate about what you love and will never, ever back down from a fight. You've got tons of energy that helps you run circles around your competitors. However, it can also make you a little stir-crazy if you don't channel it properly.В

With your moon in this Mars-ruled sign, hitting the gym is absolutely essential. And we aren't just talking about savasana, either-high-intensity exercise that really makes you sweat can be like therapy for you. Find something you love and give it your all, whether it's hiking, mixed martial arts, hot yoga, or something even wilder.

As an Aries moon, debate is one of your love languages, but remember that not everybody loves confronting things head on as much as you do. Your best bets? Give your competitive streak plenty of room to shine in your work, or challenge the ones you love to some friendly competition, like a 5K or trivia night!

Taurus Moon

No one knows comfort quite as well as a Taurus moon person! You're an expert in self-care, whether that means taking extra long baths, getting the highest thread count sheets possible, or indulging in a full ten-step Korean skincare routine.В

Having your moon in this Venus-ruled sign means you can always benefit from adding more beauty to your life. Simple pleasures go a long way, whether it's a bouquet of flowers at the farmers market or that new lipstick shade you've been eyeing. It doesn't have to cost money, either - just taking a walk through a beautiful place can totally change your mood!

Your weakness? You're a creature of habit. Instead of having another wine night, challenge yourself to find fun ways to try new things that scratch your luxury itch. Try traveling somewhere you've never been or checking out local gems you've always wanted to explore.

Gemini Moon

As a Gemini moon, you're in constant motion. Your mind is always ten steps ahead of everyone else's, which gives you the gift for communication, great comedic timing, and a knack for calling trends before they catch on. You've always got a story to tell, and everyone loves you for it.

With your moon in this Mercury-ruled sign, you need a constant stream of excellent music, films, books, shows, and other creative works to keep your formidable brain sharp. Playlists in multiple languages? Check. Movies with subtitles? Check. You're happy as long as you're learning something new!

That same voracious appetite for freshness can become a challenge when it's time for you to slow down and relax. You carry a lot of nervous energy with you, but you feel so much better when you find someone you can talk it out with, whether that's a therapist, best friend, or work wife who's always there when you need to vent.

Cancer Moon

Thanks to your Cancer moon, home really is where your heart is. There's nothing you love more than fresh laundry and a home-cooked meal! You're happiest when you have a retreat that's all your own, whether it's a small shelf altar or a huge vacation rental. Whatever you decide, giving yourself the space you need is an absolute must.

Having the moon in the sign it rules means emotional intelligence is your superpower. You're able to intuit what other people are feeling and act accordingly-which makes you not only an amazing host, but also an enviable friend and partner. Just make sure the people you love return the favor!В

You're very protective of the people, places, and things you care about and can be a little territorial at times. Instead of fighting against it, acknowledge your more introverted tendencies and allow plenty of time to recharge after hanging out with big groups.

Leo Moon

No one puts on a show like a Leo moon! Other people might get stage fright, but for you, the spotlight is your natural habitat. You feel most like yourself when you're the star of the show, putting on an amazing performance for everyone around you no matter what the setting.В

You have a deep desire to be seen and heard, so find a positive channel where you can make that happen regularly. Whether it's curating a gorgeous Instagram feed, creating a hilarious YouTube vlog, or busting out a rendition of your favorite song at karaoke, you're at your best when your voice is heard.

You do have a flair for the dramatic, which can be a strength if you use it creatively-but less so if it creeps into other areas of your life. Contain it by focusing that urge into your art and work. If you do it right, your unmistakable style could turn into a profitable brand!

Virgo Moon

As a Virgo moon, you can see patterns most people completely overlook. Zeroing in on the fine details of anything you come into contact with is your superpower, one that makes you an incredible editor. Your mission? Engineer a life that's uncompromisingly efficient.

When it comes to your surroundings, you prefer to keep things simple. With your moon in this Mercury-ruled sign, you plan your life around creating the best environment for you to get work done. You're at your best when you have an immaculate desk, a gorgeous cord management system, and plenty of journals waiting to be filled!

Everything you do is carefully crafted, but that unrelenting pursuit of perfection can be overwhelming when you turn it on yourself. Remember, in order for you to perform at the highest level, you have to take care of your body! Good food, vitamins, and an amazing skincare routine are musts.

Libra Moon

No one has quite as much style as a Libra moon. If this is your moon sign, you've got an innate sense of harmony that helps you pick the perfect outfit, decor, or conversation topic for every situation. You're the zodiac's stylist, making everything you encounter a little more beautiful.

A natural extrovert, you're happiest when you're around people you love. It's important to find partners-in love, friendship, and at the office-that appreciate you as much as you do them. Quality time is definitely your love language, and the people in your circle would be lucky to spend theirs with you!

When it comes to making decisions, you can sometimes get analysis paralysis trying to choose between options. It's natural to want to pick something that makes everyone happy, but remember it's your opinion that really counts. There's no perfect answer to anything, so trust that your instincts for making balanced decisions will always lead you in the right direction.В

Scorpio Moon

Your Scorpio moon makes you a detective, wanting to delve deep into the mysteries that make up your environment, other people, and the world at large. Your instincts are usually spot-on, so listen to the hunches you get about crushes, business deals, or new friends, because they're probably right!

Having your moon in this intense Pluto-ruled sign gives you serious magnetism. It's like you emit your own strange gravity, attracting the things you want and need into your orbit in the eleventh hour. If you don't already, start keeping a journal and write down what you'd like to manifest. You might be surprised at how well it works for you!

The tough part about having intuition that's so strong is that it makes you ultra-sensitive, and that sensitivity can make you afraid of getting hurt. The antidote? Build a strong inner circle that you know and trust, and try to see the good in everyone, even when it's tough.В

Sagittarius Moon

Thanks to your Sagittarius moon, you're a total bohemian. Your wild-at-heart nature and wanderlust give you the ability to feel comfortable in any setting. You're likely to have lots of stamps in your passport because your desire to explore the world around you knows no bounds.

With your moon in this Jupiter-ruled sign, learning means everything to you. You never stop studying ideas that intrigue you and have a serious appetite for intelligent discussion. While other people might relax by tuning out the world, you tune in, always hungry for more knowledge.

Most of all, you need adventure like other people need water. If you aren't quenching your thirst for new experiences regularly, you feel run down, which is why you should indulge in a healthy dose of novelty as often as possible. Even if you can't fly to a new destination every week, trying a new cuisine or reading a book on an unfamiliar topic can work wonders!

Capricorn Moon

There's so much to love about having a Capricorn moon-especially your ambition. Nothing comes between you and your goals, no matter how high they're set. You love the process of climbing the career ladder rung by rung and aren't afraid to put in the hard work to get to the top. The rest of the zodiac could learn a lot from your dedication!

That said, having your moon in this Saturn-ruled sign can be tough. Emotions aren't your strong suit, but you thrive when you give your feelings a channel, like exercise or art. Even if it's scary to be vulnerable, it's part of being human, so trust that people will love you more for sharing.В

As much as you love work, don't forget to take a break once in a while! After all, what's the use in achieving your goals if you don't take time to enjoy the benefits? There's no question that you've earned it. You're at your best when you set healthy professional boundaries, so don't be afraid of an out-of-office responder or the occasional long weekend!

Aquarius Moon

The best thing about having an Aquarius moon? You can dream up original ideas that most people would never even consider! You're a problem solver at heart, always finding new ways to address old pain points. That forward-thinking perspective makes you an excellent inventor and an even better marketer.

If there's one thing you need lots of with the moon in this freedom-loving sign, it's space. You're highly independent and thrive when you have plenty of time alone to think. Aquarius rules technology, so instead of logging off to destress, use your FitBit or a meditation app to invite more peace into your life.

Your rationality is second to none. Fun fact: So many scientists and innovators rule this moon sign. Still, not everything in life is logical, which can be challenging for you at times. Your best bet? Let your emotions be as outside-the-box as you are. Feelings don't play by the rules, but then again, neither do you.

Pisces Moon

As a Pisces moon, you're the artist of the zodiac. You're fueled by music, poetry, and romance, and are constantly striving to make your life feel like a fairytale. That pursuit can lead to some amazing creative breakthroughs in whatever medium you choose, whether it's songs, film, or something more mysterious.

With your moon in this Neptune-ruled sign, your compassion is what drives you. You care deeply for others, which could find you in a healing profession, whether that's traditional medicine or an alternative therapy like energy healing. Some astrologers even say that people with this moon sign are psychic!

Your biggest lesson with this moon sign? Boundaries. Finding the happy medium between losing yourself in your work and shutting out the world with junk food or mindless TV isn't easy. However, it's necessary if your moon's going to shine bright in this sign. Set limits for yourself so you can indulge without the guilt-after all, you deserve to treat yourself sometimes!