The Best Vegetarian Cookbooks to Upgrade Your Meat-Free Meals

Reconnecting with the food we eat is one of the first steps in developing healthy eating habits. When we cook at home, we know the source of our ingredients, the exact measurements of things like sodium and sugar, and are a part of the creation process that allows us to become more appreciative of the food set before us once we plate our meals.

For vegetarians-and for those looking to add more plant-based dishes into their diets-cooking at home can be particularly rewarding. Instead of settling for vegetarian alternatives to meat-heavy dishes that often make up the offerings at restaurants, the possibilities are endless. There are more and more vegetarian cookbooks hitting shelves and making their way into homes, and we've curated a handful of our favourites here to get you started.

Sara Ask and Lisa Bjärbo Very Veggie Family Cookbook $18Shop

This handy cookbook tackles feeding the whole family, making sure everyone will feel full and satisfied. Recipes range from just 20 minutes of cooking time for when you've just endured a long workday to a bit moreВ time and effort when you're up to the task and want to whip up something more indulgent.

Alice Hart Good Veg: Ebullient Vegetables, Global Flavors $16Shop

Chef Alice Hart's approach to plant-based cooking is all about dynamic, contrasting culinary surprises. Her mouthwatering recipes include toasted marzipan ice cream and brown rice bibimbap bowls with smoky peppers, and are organised by user-friendly categories like grazing, quick, thrifty, and gatherings.

Jeanine Donofrio The Love & Lemons Cookbook $25Shop

For a cookbook as beautiful as the dishes inside, this stunning number from the author of the blog of the same name is a gorgeous addition to your collection.

Shannon Martinez and Mo Wyse Smith & Daughters: A Cookbook $24Shop

The masterminds behind the celebrated restaurant Smith & Daughters share their inventive vegan recipes with a Spanish twist for fans to cook up at home. From small plates and mains to sweets and drinks, you'll get to re-create so many restaurant favourites in your very own kitchen.

Nobu Matsuhisa Nobu's Vegetarian Cookbook $37Shop

Celebrated chef Nobu Matsuhisa brings his culinary magic to the masses with his first cookbook to focus on vegetable dishes. Sixty recipes informed by traditional Japanese cuisine showcase a variety of vegetables in ways that enhance their flavour by using a number of cooking techniques, from marinating and pickling to steaming and frying.

Laura Wright The First Mess Cookbook $20Shop

Prepare to be mesmerised by the gorgeous photography that made Laura Wright's blog, The First Mess, a hit. Every recipe is vegan and produce-forward, showcasing the best of what each season has to offer.

Yotam Ottolenghi Plenty More $26Shop

This anticipated follow-up to London-based chef Yotam Ottolenghi's bookВ Plenty continues his unique exploration of vegetarian food. The book features over 150 meat-free recipes accompanied by striking photos and promising bold, impactful flavours.

Dana Shultz Minimalist Baker's Everyday Cooking $24Shop

This cookbook from the author of the beloved food blog Minimalist Baker is brimming with 101 entirely plant-based, mostly gluten-free recipes. Many of the recipes require just 10 ingredients to prepare, but all serve up delicious, nourishing flavour.

Danny Chu Shojin Ryori: The Art of Japanese Vegetarian Cuisine $27Shop

Named after the art of Japanese vegetarian cuisine that originated in Japanese zen temples, this cookbook by chef Danny Chu of Enso Kitchen offers up satisfying meat-, egg- and dairy-free meals that follow the shojin ryori tradition.

Charlotte Pike The Hungry Student Vegetarian Cookbook $9Shop

For the beginner cook, this straightforward cookbook will help you serve up fail-safe dishes that are deliciously meat-free. A great guide for students and postgrads alike.