12 Warm Places to Visit in December to Break Up Your Cabin Fever


Snow has barely begun to fall in the northern parts of the country, and I am already over it. With the cold weather come shorter days and darkness thanks to the time change, which can make the entire season feel bleak-seasonal affective disorder is very real. But you don't have to suffer; seize an opportunity to escape to a sunny destination in order to shake off your cabin fever.

Tropical vacations are always in demand no matterВ the time of year. Island nations, in particular, have a longer tourist season. Should you plan your trip in the dead of winter, everything below the equator will be at the height of summer, which widens your travel options. Obvious destinations for a seasonal switch include Brazil and Australia, with a variety of choices in between. There are of course many sunny domestic locations that would give you just the right dose of vitamin D in December, too, from Texas to California.

Wherever you go to forget the snow, be sure to bring sunscreen; there are fewer fates crueler than enduring a painful sunburn in your quest for more sunshine. Protect your skin as you let go of the rest of your winter worries at any of these warm places to visit in December.

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License plates in Aruba display the small country's motto: “One Happy Island.” And you, too, can be happy basking in its year-round sunshine just off the coast of Venezuela. Most locals speak several languages including English, and many businesses also accept U.S. dollars, both great incentives to travel here instead of another international destination.


Melbourne, Australia

If you want the best cup of joe in your life, put Melbourne on your itinerary. The city is known as a less flashy Sydney, with beaches and nightlife expected for a big city in Australia. It also happens to have one of the most impressive up-and-coming music scenes in the world, if you enjoy finding new talent.

Courtesy of La Paz Tourism Board

La Paz, Mexico

The capital of Baja Sur, just north of Cabo (yet worlds away), La Paz is a quiet small city that sits on the Sea of Cortez, which Jacques Cousteau named “the world's aquarium” because of its astounding marine life diversity. Winter is both whale shark and whale watching season. They are docile, slow-moving and filter feeding, which means that visitors may swim alongside them in small controlled groups.

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Palm Springs, California

Winter is the perfect time to visit Palm Springs. April is really the only bad time to visit, as Coachella crowds are sure to dampen your experience in a place known for gorgeous year-round weather and a vibrant desert community. Your soul will flourish where the mountains meet fields of Joshua trees.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If you are going to visit Brazil, might as well shake those winter blues by seeing all the sights. Rio has all the landmarks you're thinking of-Christ the Redeemer, Olympic stadiums, Sugarloaf Mountain, countless extravagant cathedrals, and more-and also happens to be less populated than Sao Paulo, though both are hotspots for tourism. It will be summer in the southern hemisphere, so temperatures can reach the upper 80s, making it the perfect escape from the cold.

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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea has been growing in favor as a tourist destination recently, and for good reason. The nation is one of the most diverse in the world, with rich flora and fauna and dozens of indigenous tribes with their own languages and customs as well. While we do not recommend disturbing or disrespecting local cultures, this would be a great spot to immerse yourself in completely new surroundings.

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Komodo, Indonesia

With Bali just a few islands to its west, Komodo makes for a quieter trip into Indonesia. It is of course home to the Komodo dragon, a large iguana-like lizard that can only be found in zoos in North America. So when you are not soaking up rays on the beach, adventures into nature await.


Galveston Island, Texas

A short bridge connects this island to mainland Texas, but it feels like a world away. The Lone Star State is known for brutal heat, but in winter, the temperatures cool down enough to make exploring its famous Pleasure Pier fun even when the sun is high. Not to mention, it also is host to miles of exquisite beaches.

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Auckland, New Zealand

It is no secret that the New Zealand countryside is some of the most beautiful green space on earth. See it for yourself when you visit the small nation's capital, Auckland. There are other sights worth seeing too, including historic monuments and landmarks of the native Maori and Polynesian people.

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GalГЎpagos, Ecuador

This South American archipelago is most famous for helping Charles Darwin develop his theory of natural selection after he noticed that species of finches differed on each island. It follows that even today the natural ecosystem is incredibly diverse, and therefore tourism is regulated carefully in order to prevent much disruption. Plan ahead and you won't run into any problems in this isolated paradise.

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Santiago, Chile

Though Chile is one of the closest nations to Antarctica, its capital sits comfortably above its southern border, making it a great destination in December during their summer. Santiago is cradled by the Andes mountains; you would be hard-pressed to find a place to stay that did not have breathtaking views. Not to mention its quiet vibrancy as a metropolitan city that will make you feel at home even if Spanish is not your native language.

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Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona is home to more spas and resorts than you can imagine. That may make it the most tranquil place to visit and unwind, especially when winter gets under your skin. Landscapes converge in this dry mountainous state, where you can explore forests, canyons, and hot springs at your leisure.