Mom Truth: "Once This Other Bundle Arrives, It Will Change Our World"

Abby Cox

After grappling with the grief of back-to-back miscarriages, JamieВ Gernert has some exciting news to share: She's 16 weeks pregnant. Frequent MyDomaine readers might recall that just a few short months ago, Gernert graciously opened up about her experienceВ ofВ coping with miscarriage, a common yet oft-undiscussed phenomenon that occurs in about one of every 10 to 15 pregnancies. When she first shared her story in March,В Gernert inspired many (this writer included) with her persistent optimism and her ability to find strength in sorrow.

Now that she's expecting, the stylish and successful woman behind the blog Work Your Closet has a newВ mom truth to share: She's somewhat anxious about her growing family. The birth of our second child is "going to be a big, meaningful, powerful moment in our lives,"В Gernert told MyDomine. "Our little son has no idea what's coming yet, and I think he's just a little young, but once this other bundle arrives it'll change our world-but that's great," she added.

Here,В Gernert opens up about confronting her pregnancy anxieties, having to restrain her excitement, and finally sharing the good news with her parents, as told to Megan Beauchamp.

Abby Cox

After our second loss, my husband and I were advised to wait a few months before trying to conceive again. My doctor explained that this waiting period would allow my body to naturally regulate itself.В If you're curious about what I did differently this time around, IВ took a progesterone supplement andВ started tracking my health metrics with a device called theВ Ava bracelet. Honestly, I was probably targeted by the company purely based on my Google search history and my web habits.

That said, the device does a great job at tracking more than just your heart rate and your sleeping habits.В It also tells you your body temperature and dermal temperatureВ to help youВ track your ovulation cycle. After the second miscarriage, I was up forВ trying anything. I woreВ the bracelet every night for two months, and while IВ wouldn't say that it was entirely accurate, it was just nice to have access to this data. It made having informed conversations with my OBGYNВ and doctors much easier.

Abby Cox

I took an at-home pregnancy test two days before my missed period. I was feeling confident because we were using both the Ava bracelet and ovulation tests. The result was a faint line, but I immediately told my husband Nick. I waited two more days and took another test-and it was positive. At that point, I made an appointment with my doctor, and we were "cautiously optimistic." After two losses, your instinct isn't to react with pure joy and excitement. The first trimester is a nerve-racking time, and all you can do is HOPE that everything will work out. You have to think positively but it's easy to get caught up in the what ifs.

When we visited the doctor eight weeks into the pregnancy, everything was perfect. However, I had to schedule another appointment at 10 weeks after I started experiencing some spotting. Luckily, it was just being caused by a hematoma, which is essentially an internal blood blister that was most likely caused by excessive exercise, that was located between my uterus and cervix. That was really nerve-racking too, but the diagnosis was such a relief. Our babe was totally fine.

Abby Cox

We're technically in our second trimester, so I'm feeling much better. Even though my hematoma is still there, it's not causing any harm to the baby. It's just physically limiting for me. For example, I can't go to yoga classes every week and I can't pick my son up-restrictions that I didn't experience with Hudson, my first. It's just proof that every pregnancy is different.

With that in mind, my outlook on various details has changed. For instance, when my husband asked me if I wanted to know the sex of the baby, I replied, "Of course I want to know." But do I care what it is? Absolutely not. My priorities have shifted to simply wanting a healthy baby-10 fingers, 10 toes. I'm grateful for the smaller yet more significant details than the ones I might have dwelled on with our son.

Abby Cox

We're due in February, and I'm more positive now that we've entered a safe zone. We finally told family over Labor Day weekend. We thought the timing was perfect with "Labor Day" and all. The birth of our second child is going to be a big, meaningful, powerful moment in our lives. Our little son has no idea what's coming yet, but once we tell him and once this other bundle arrives, it'll change our world-but that's great.В

Abby Cox

Our journey is our journey, but I know that there must be some women out there going through something similar. To those of you who are, I just want to you that it'll be okay. When the time is right, it will happen. You can't give up hope.

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