12 Beautiful Indoor Benches and How to Style Them

WhenВ it comes to transformativeВ furniture that can make or break a room, we tend to focus on big-ticketВ items like sofas, bed frames, andВ dining room tables.В Well, there's actually a much smaller and multipurpose piece that solves many decorating challenges. Enter the humble indoor bench.В It functions as anВ accent piece, extra seating, and storage options all at once. Its slim silhouette alsoВ makesВ it a great alternative to bulky furniture, and it works in every room in the house, which means you can repurposeВ it throughout the years.В

So whether you'reВ decorating a small space, a lackluster corner, or an awkwardly shaped entryway,В you can count on theВ almighty benchВ to quietlyВ save the day. To make our case and give this furniture item theВ spotlight it so very much deserves, we're breaking it down room by room with styling ideas and shopping tips for the best indoor benches.В

In the Dining Room

JH Interior Design

Mixing an eclectic arrayВ of chairs with a bench in the dining room is a great way to create dimension, as displayed in the space above. We love the floating effect, too. Or you could put it against the wall andВ prop up some cushions on it for added comfort.В

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In the Bedroom

Arent & Pyke

If your bedroom feelsВ unfinished, but you can't put your finger on the problem, consider placing a bench at the end of your bed. Not only will this make putting on your shoes easier, but they add a ton of style and personality. If you need extra storage space in your bedroom, you can also get some baskets and boxes to put under the bench.В

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In the Living Room

Amber Interior Design

When there's a lackluster corner in the living room, chances are that it's missing some seating. If it's a small space, a fun accent chair is probably your best bet, but if there's more square footage to work with, take note from the living room situationВ above byВ sliding a benchВ under large artwork and then styling it with throw pillows and a plant.В В

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In the Entryway

Catherine Kwong

Whether you want to supplement your elaborate console table vignette with a stylish bench, or you only have enough room and budget for the bench to be your hero piece, it's an entryway essential. Not only will it make the space look more put together, but it also makes your life easier, providing you with a place to lay down your things and take off your shoes.

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Up next, take note from theВ stylish storage solutions that willВ also spruce up your entryway.В