How to Rekindle a Relationship

It's not uncommon for relationships to have their share of ups and downs. And while you and your partner may once have been extremely attentive, adoring, and affectionate with one another, it's not unusual for the fiery passion that was once present between the two of you to start to cool off. After all, when the realities of life set in and you're dealing with work and other commitments, it can be difficult to maintain the strong and deep connection that was present earlier in your relationship. Fortunately, there are six steps you can take right now to rekindle your relationship and reignite the flame that once burned between the two of you.В В

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Take Advantage of Date Nights

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If you're looking to add new life to your relationship with your partner, one important step is to make date nights a priority. After all, while you may be used to just sitting on the couch next to your partner night after night while you're both half-watching TV and playing games on your phone, make plans ahead of time to go out and have actual dates with one another. And whether you go out for dinner, drinks, or even for frozen yogurt, making a plan to enjoy date-like activities together can help to make a dated relationship feel like new.

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Put Away Your Phones

If your goal is to rekindle your relationship, another important step is for you and your partner to spend time together in a phone-free zone. In fact, by putting your phones away, turning off the TV and actually tuning into each other rather than what's on a screen, you'll instantly be able to connect on a deeper level because you'll actually be present in the moment. In other words, by freeing yourself from distracting devices and putting your complete focus on your partner, you're putting down the foundation to rekindle your relationship with another.

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Try New Activities Together

When you feel as though your relationship is fading, an additional strategy is to engage in new and different activities together. For example, you can sign up for spinning or yoga, take a cooking class or join a bowling league as a couple in order to breathe new life into your relationship. Not only does this guarantee having fun and interesting experiences together, but trying new things can help to bring back that spark that was present when you first got together and everything felt like new-because it was! In other words, by focusing on newness, you can help to renew your relationship with your partner.В

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Go on a Trip

In order to rekindle what you once had with your partner, taking a trip together can be a helpful way to shake things up again. Not only can going away together help to rid the feelings of monotony and sameness that you may have, but it can also help to change the energy and dynamic of your relationship in general. And while you can go somewhere that you and your partner have never visited, many couples choose to go back to the locations where they once made many happy memories together. Not only does this allow you to reminisce about the great times that you shared there, but it can help to reignite what you felt for each other at that time in your relationship. In a word, sometimes a simple change in location can lead to the rejuvenation that your relationship needs.В

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Make Intimacy a Priority

If you're looking to rekindle your relationship with your partner, being both emotionally and physically intimate with one another is imperative. After all, making a commitment to be honest and forthright with your partner can automatically help to bring you closer as a couple since you're truly opening up to each other. Along these lines, making time for physical intimacy is also part of the relationship rebuilding process, as it's one of the key components of a healthy and happy relationship.В

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Say “Thank You” More Often

Another important way to bring back the strong feelings that you and your partner once shared is to take time to acknowledge the kind acts that he or she does for you. For example, while you may not typically thank your partner for making a dinner reservation, taking out the trash, or cleaning the bathroom, it's time to clearly express your feelings of gratitude. After all, one of the key components of a successful relationship is that both you and your partner feel appreciated by one another. Specifically,В when you stop taking your partner for granted, you can start to rebuild your relationship with one “thank you” at a time.В