This IKEA Expert Told Us the Only 6 Tips You Need to Style on a Budget

Whether it's your clothes or your living room, styling on a budget is no easy feat. But since IKEA entered the interiors scene, the notion of compromising style for affordability seems like a distant memory. Sure, there are those statement pieces that are worth the hefty price tag, but when it comes nailing your basics, and making your space feel integratedВ and complete, you really can't go past IKEA.

No matter what the budget, the most efficient way to start any decorating process, is to have a clear line of action, which is why we chatted to the interior design leader of IKEA Australia, Christine Gough, for her expertise on navigating what can feel like tricky terrain.

Starting at the beginning, Gough chats us through her key tips to follow when styling on a budget, lets us in on some of her favourite IKEA pieces, and revealed the colour and texture trends you are likely to be seeing everywhere this summer.В

Grab your pen and paper, you're going to want to take notes. Here's what Gough has to say:В



  • Make the most of every metre in your home by taking the time to consider how you actually use your space. We all strive to live fluid lives, so it is important that our spaces are fluid too. Always think about how you spend time in your space and the activities that take place.
  • Create a list of necessities that you need to purchase and start from there. This will make the process of styling your space a lot easier.
  • Don't be afraid to shop from your own home and re-work or personalize your items to give them a new look.


Assess what your needs are for the space before seeking out products to buy. The secret is to understand what your frustrations are in your living space, what you consider the most important products to you and what your needs are for this product, before you style it. For example, if your sofa is the centre of your living room, think about multi-functional ways you can use your sofa. If you need to organize your clutter, consider sofas or sofa modules that can double as a storage unit.

Once you've determined your budget, decide on the priority pieces you'd like to include in your space.

Another tip to keep in mind when purchasing products is to consider what colour palettes suit your taste and space. Try these simple tips:

  • Color: Limiting your color palette to three hues creates a clean, cohesive look. You can try combining bright and neutral shades to create harmony and contrast.
  • Pattern: Add patterns and natural materials within your color palette. The colors will tie them together, while the different sizes will help create subtle interest.
  • Material: Texture brings it all together. Using natural materials like juke or rattan helps unite your palette and patterns all while adding soft warmth to your room.
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I think that shades of blue and natural materials and textures will be trending this season. Shades of blue such as indigo and denim can act as a baseline for other colour accents and is often a natural palette contrast for light and shadow.

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Layers in textures and patterns can showcase more ranges and eclectic style. Natural materials like juke or rattan create raw, lightweight, and crisp textures within your space, and help unite your colour palette and patterns. By using neutral colors as a base, your space will feel more open. There's also the added flexibility, as you can change the look of your space with the seasons by swapping out soft furnishings and accessories with seasonal colors.В

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