This Is What People With Good Gut Health Order at Starbucks


This fall, Starbucks is (finally) going beyond the pumpkin spice latte. Per a recent press release from Starbucks's Europe team, the coffee chain added a turmeric latte to the menu this past Monday, August 28. Unfortunately, the golden elixir is only available in London as of now, but we hope that it will make its way across the pond given the current gut health obsession in America.

The photogenic drink is reportedly made by steaming milk with turmeric powder and spices and pouring it over espresso. In other words, you're getting all the inflammation-fighting benefits of turmeric without giving up your daily dose of caffeine. "There are thousands of ways to personalize your latte at Starbucks by choosing dairy alternatives such as almond or coconut-which both complement the warm flavors of turmeric," the team adds.

Some doctors even regard turmeric as "the most potent anti-inflammatory on the earth," said Sara Gottfried, MD, gynecologist, and author of The Hormone Cure, to MindBodyGreen. Taz Bhatia, a board-certified physician and author of What Doctors Eat, agrees; she even makes her own golden milk latte at home. "Turmeric, honey, and a little nondairy milk… keep me warm and healthy," she explains.

The anti-inflammatory magic reportedly lies in the curcumin, a bright yellow chemical produced by plants and the active ingredient in turmeric. It's been shown to ease arthritis, muscle sprains, and digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome.

How do you take care of your gut health?

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