This Bedroom Looks Twice Its Size After a Pottery Barn Makeover

When we think of NYC abodes, the word "spacious" doesn't exactly spring to mind. Sadly, Carrie Bradshaw's dreamy apartment is far more unrealistic than we'd ever imagined; the reality is that city living usually equals small-space living. However, that doesn't mean our beds have to touch three walls in our bedroom or that our sweaters must be stored in the oven.

In fact, Kendall Kremer, the New York City-based creative behind Styled Snapshots, just redecorated her bedroom usingВ Pottery Barn's newВ apartment collection and wound up making her space feel so much larger. It's quite an incredible transformation, with equal credit owed to the small space-savvy furniture and to Kremer's impeccable eye for design. Ahead, see her new bedroom and shop the cozy space just in time for winter.

Describe your home's aesthetic in a few words

I'd describe our home's aesthetic as coastal farmhouse, with a bit of bohemian vibes and lots of neutrals. I think our travels have really inspiredВ our dГ©cor style; I enjoy taking inspiration from places my husband and I have visited.

What do you love about your current home?

This is my third apartment since moving to the city, and it's hands down my favorite. It's the one I actually put so much thought and time into decorating. I created inspiration boards and took time to think everything through. Matt (my husband) and I know we'll be in our current place until we finally move out of the city down the line, so I felt good about investing in pieces and really coming up with a design plan that worked for both his and my taste. Nothing too girly and nothing too masculine-that way the design can grow as we grow.

Do you ever feel claustrophobic in the city, or are you used to living in a crowded place?

If you asked me this 10 years ago when I first moved to the city, my answer would be 100% yes! I think over the years I have learned to accept and adapt to the amazing city I get to call home, but I have to admit when we escape to the suburbs, I soak every single second up and truly appreciate the space and fresh air (I think our pup, Hadley, does too)!

How did you learn to be so creative with maximizing space?

In my very first place in NYC, I shared an apartment with two other girls and opted to take the smallest room. It was TINY! As in my bed touched three of the walls. I had to learn early on to get creative with storange and utilize all the wall space. In my second apartment in NYC, Matt and I lived in together, and it had so much charm and character. It included a fireplace, which is hard to find in an urban city. The one drawback was that it was all open; the only two doors were the front door and bathroom door. Once again, I had to get creative with making each room feel like its own while also blending the dГ©cor together.

What's one thing you have to have in your bedroom at all times?

Fresh flowers are one thing I try and have in our bedroom at all times. They smell amazing, and they warm up the space in a small but impactful way.

What's your favorite thing about your bedroom?

I really enjoy our little reading nook in the corner by our window. It creates an additional sitting place to enjoy a cup of coffee or unwind with a book.

What's your favorite furniture piece from the PB Apartment collection?

I'm loving the under-the-bed storage bins. The wicker style is chic and adds a bit of character to your space, but most importantly, it serves as another option for storage.

What's the key to a perfectly styled bedroom?

Know that it's okay to mix and match colors and textures. Screenshot images on your desktop; then open them all up and lay the pieces out how you would set up your room. This is what I did to make sure everything I was pulling from the collection would work together in person. It's the perfect visual for seeing your space come to life.

How did you tackle redecorating your space with Pottery Barn?

I knew I wanted to keep things neutral, create as many cute storage possibilities as possible, and pick a few pieces that were more of a statement (such as the accent chair). I tried to mix and match colors and textures, but not too many. It's important to have fun with design, but I always make sure things look cohesive.

Why did you choose this dresser?

One of my favorite details about the dresser is that it's a bit more slender than most! It lays nice against the wall and created more of a walkway between the bed.

Any final tips for making a small room feel larger?

My biggest tip for making a small room feel larger is to keep the colors light, bright, and airy. Don't be afraid to fill the space, but also don't clutter it. Utilize the wall space when possible (think shelves!), and let as much natural light pour in as possible. Also, taking measurements is key, and so is knowing how to fill your space with useful items that have two purposes, like a chic basket that also works as storage.


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