Listen Up: 8 Single Quotes From Our Readers That Totally Resonate


Being single is one of those things that can take a while to get used to. (It can also be hard to talk about, which is why we asked our readers to share their single quotes, but, more on that later). At first, it can seem weird when you're third-wheeling all the time and you also have to learn to rely on yourselfВ to do things you usually would have help with. But the thing is, when you have single status, you learn a lot about yourself: who you are and why you act the way you do. It also tests your limits of how much you are capable of-and guess what? It's a lot.В

We're not saying that you should be singleВ forever or that relationships aren't amazing, because they can be. We're simply acknowledging that there is another important relationship out there and that's the one that you have with yourself. No matter your reason for being a party of one right now, accept that it can be a positive experienceВ if you so choose. We wanted to hear what our readers thought about it, so we posed the question "What does being single mean to you?" We were so impressed with the responses we got that we decided to share them with you. Below, we've rounded up eight quotes about what it means to be singleВ right now, courtesy of our readers. Amen, sisters.В

What does it mean to be single?

"You get to truly be yourself, doing all the things you want to do when you want to do them. I think it is such an empowering time in life and you truly figure out yourself, who you are and what makes you happy. If you aren't happy with yourself, you're never going to attract the right person. So enjoy life, go after your goals/dreams and all they have to offer… just do you!" - @lydialoublog

"My favorite thing about being single is having more time to hang out with my best friend!В A close second is being on my own schedule and making my own decisions at all times."В -В @gabslice

"What I like about being single? Freedom. Freedom is underrated, it's the most important state a human can be in. Free." -В @shirleehadadi

"I love daydreaming of what wonderful things are still to come. It's a little mysterious and exciting-makes me feel that anything is possible!!!" -В @emilysuhrer

"I love being single because every day I get to wake up and get to know myself a little bit more. No distractions. Sure, I love being in love with another, but that starts with you. And if you can spend your solo time working on you, committing to you, and falling in love with you, all other parts of your life come together and expand and grow. You become a more energized, fulfilled, secure and sound version of yourself. And that is so contagious and attractive!" [email protected]

"I am recently single. Right now I'm enjoying being unapologetically myself: whether it's cooking all day, reading by the pool when I should be working, or cleaning the apartment at 11 pm." -В @hahaolive

"I love having the freedom to express myself creatively and explore new ways of doing things without feeling like I need to report to or get approval from a significant other. It's what motivated me (and my co-host) to start my podcast @thebreakuppodcast!"В @eleanordrizzake

"What I love most about being single is being able to buy a plane ticket for the weekend without having to check on your partner's schedule. The freedom to do what you want, when you want, how you want without question." -В @kelllcon

What does singleВ status mean to you? Up next: decorating hacks for single girls.В