The 10-Day Program Guaranteed to Reset Your Body Post-Summer

Sakara Life

Among its many wonderful qualities, summer has unfortunately always been synonymous with excess for me. Frequent happy hours, BBQs,В soft-serveВ runs, and, of course, glasses of rosГ© tend to leave me feeling less than ideal as fall rolls around. I'm not willing to trade in those warm-weather splurges, but I vowed to get back on track post-Labor Day this year.

To detox my body, clear my skin, and boost my energy, I turned to the model- and celeb-approved plant-based nutrition program,В Sakara Life. I opted for the 10-Day Reset Program, the more flexible DIY option that promises better skin, a healthier gut, and more energy in a little over a week.В

The program is filled with 20 nutritious (and yummy) recipes, plenty ofВ detox essentials, on-the-goВ snacks, and gut-friendlyВ probiotic blends. Unlike other detox programs, the 10-Day Reset teaches a nutritional philosophy, opposed to a "quick fix diet",В giving you the recipes and tools you need for a sustainable lifestyle switch. During the program, I learnedВ how to cook healthy, nutritious, and easy-to-follow meals for my body. IВ not only looked noticeably lighter afterВ 10 days but also felt more alert and focused-and thanks to my time spent in the kitchen, I have the tools I need to eat detoxifyingВ plant-based meals as often asВ I'd like. ShopВ Sakara Life's kit now to reap the benefits for yourself.

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