Roxy Jacenko Just Gave Us an Exclusive Tour of Her Гњber-Chic Office

They say "home is where the heart is", but as women with some serious ambition and a lot of hustle, the same could be said for our places of work. It's no secret that a beautifully styled space has the potential to not only increase your productivity, but also increase your creative capacity; and by the look of Sweaty Betty andВ The Ministry of Talent founder,В Roxy Jacenko's latest office renovation, it's obviously a notion she understands. Located in Paddington, one of Sydney's most boutique suburbs, Jacenko has exclusively shared her officeВ makeoverВ with us, and we've got two words:В Гњber-chic.В В

Designed byВ SJB Architects alongside interior designer Blainey North, it's evident that JacenkoВ has also beenВ a key part in the design process, the office oozing with sophistication as it drips with a neutral colour palette, finished by perfectly curated embellishments (think: Brass taps, velvet couches, marble surfaces) and just wait till you see the courtyard-like we said, we're low-key obsessed. Below, we picked Jacenko's brain for the story behind space, and what it really takes to create a dreamy office. Keep scrolling for the interview, and to be utterly inspired by the pictures.В

How did you work with Blainey North to design the space?В

Blainey and I have worked together for some years now, one of my favourite projects Blainey worked on was our former home in Woollahra. When I bought this building some three years ago, I toyed with the idea of making it residential and more of an investment/development space rather than my office and had proceeded with plans to that effect. Then when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, I decided it made more sense to make the property into an office and enlisted the services of SJB Architects for an architecture perspective and Blainey North to do the interiors for my personal office, boardroom, and front entry. The garden was completed byВ Annie Wilkes whom I have known since I was a child. Her work is incredible. I had a clear vision of what I wanted in terms of working space, but in terms of design, I left it to Blainey as I love her work.

How does the space inspire your creativity and enhance productivity? How does it incorporate your personal style?

It's incredible the difference natural light brings to a work day, coming from offices which had limited natural light and moving to our own offices in Paddington has increased productivity I know for me personally I never realised what a difference it could make. As we were involved in every single element of the construction, right down to the lighting in the hair and makeup room (which we hadВ makeup artist Craig Beaglehole consult on) it's the dream office, as its been customised to ensure that everything about it fits our requirements.

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