Real Girls Share the One DГ©cor Item They Wish They Never Bought


Learning from your mistakes is great, but you know what's even better? Learning from other people's mistakes-especially when decorating is concerned. Decorating mistakesВ can be costly to fix, especially when shipping costs or broken pieces are involved. Even the most seasoned interior designersВ make mistakes, so it's almost unavoidable when decorating from scratch. But we are committed to minimising the potential of these dГ©cor faux pas here at MyDomaine Australia, so we turned toВ InstagramВ to ask real girlsВ to share their worst mistake.

A few key lessons were learned: Never buy a sofa without sitting in it first, avoid poorly constructed replica furniture, and stay away from viscose rugs (especially around kids and pets). But that's not all-there are tons of other potential disasters just waiting to happen.В Want to know what other mistakes should be avoided at all costs? We rounded up our favourite real-life decorating mistakes-and offered great alternative solutions to each.

Blu Dot Bonnie Leather Sofa $5999 $4799Shop

"I bought this huge sectional thinking I would be able to take it to any place I moved. I'm now in the process of buying a house where it won't fit and having to sell it." -В @el_oh_ellen__

West Elm Round Foxed Mirror $749Shop

"Heavy mirrors. They are a pain to hang and a safety hazard, especially with kids running around. There are so many cute lighter ones on the market." -В @arielss815

Iittala Aalto Vase $256Shop

"I'm very slow and thoughtful about all of my purchases as I buy quality and want it to be timeless. The only regrets I have are small items that are very trendy. I give them away to friends shortly after I buy them as I tire of them quickly." -В @cestesdesign

Knoll Saarinen Oval Dining Table $7053Shop

"My biggest regret is buying a dining room table because my mother urged me to. I'm almost 50 and I still succumb to pressure from my mother! I should've trusted my gut because I have never liked it. Been on the hunt for a new one lately." -В @thriftyniftynest

Noah Becker "Whatev" $916Shop

"Art prints that had to be custom framed. It ended up costing me triple the cost of just buying an art piece already framed!" -В @mindykoenigsfeld

And now,В the dГ©cor mistake I made at 20В that I'd never make now.